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    By the way if people remember the recent Ransomware virus attacks like "Wannacry" or other varients then its interesting to learn about how they work. They are real nasty and some of the real worms and malware actually do encrypt peoples data on their machine and the problem is you need an encryption KEY to de-encrypt all your files and you dont have one because the ransomware virus is the one that encrypted your files.

    These types of viruses is what really made us realize we have to backup everything important on our machines so that if you ever get one of the real nasty viruses like this then a lot of times the only recourse is to reset your hard drive and re-install windows all over again losing any data you once had.

    Its always good to have backup data somewhere or have a good backup recovery application you can use if that ever happens. I like using external hard drives for my backup purposes. That way if I ever need my old data I can just plug in the hard drive into any machine to get it.

    A couple CNN Money links below that explains about ransomware. I found it quite interesting and scary what they can do.

    From first link below:
    "Once users click on the link or attachment, the ransomware encrypts the computer's hard drive, locking people out of computer files, including photos and music libraries."


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    I am wondering if they are putting this information out there hoping for someone to come forward with knowledge that can help them. There are usually civilians that can do amazing things with computers even if they don't work for the bigger companies.

    I work for a computer company, and we have some amazing folks here with grand knowledge. In a conversation a month or so ago, one of the tech gurus mentioned an article he had read that he found interesting. A few large companies found it useful to put out in cyberspace "projects". If they had a problem that needed solving, and their internal team told them it would take 4 months and tons of manhours to solve, they would list the problem asking for help. Many times, a college student or a home based computer guru would come up with a solution that took maybe a week to solve the same problem. He said it was a brilliant way for companies to cut overhead.

    I think it would be fantastic for LE to possibly accept help from someone that may not be with the bigger companies. Someone that is fresh and brilliant in encryptions. They may be able to crack it! Obviously Josh Powell was smart enough to set it up on his own. I personally believe that there are people smarter than him that could crack it and get the information out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cocomod View Post
    He said it was a brilliant way for companies to cut overhead.
    And to identify people worth employing, presumably.

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    Why did he do it? I just wish they could find her remains.

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    Yes I'm curious to see if he only encrypted some files or if it was the entire drive.
    I really cannot see it leading to anything useful though.
    What would be helpful are any searches about locations at the time.
    Unless he wrote a sort of "book" like OJ's.... and encrypted that?
    I think odds are pretty slim to none however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by http://fox13now.com
    Finally decrypting it could give them access to Internet search history, emails and other things.
    This makes it sound like a whole drive encryption. You could encrypt the various data folders for programs, but it would be much more of a pain to do. If it was a Windows machine, BitLocker would have been available on Vista before 2009. TrueCrypt would also have been available, including the ability to encrypt the boot drive, which had just been released 2 months before her disappearance.

    "We have broken through one level of the encryption. That's hugely significant," she told FOX 13.
    That's a troubling quote. Neuromancer is fiction, and most real-world technology doesn't resemble it. But it could just be a bad description of what they did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r2so3cxz View Post
    That's a troubling quote. Neuromancer is fiction, and most real-world technology doesn't resemble it. But it could just be a bad description of what they did.
    TrueCrypt can support multiple layers of encryption, but this quote still makes no sense because ideally ciphertext should appear the same as noise, and that's true of all modern encryption algorithms to the best of my knowledge. There is no way to know if you've broken the "first layer" if it still looks like noise.

    Part of me is a bit cynical and wonders if the company that is doing this (which appears to have no sanction from law enforcement) is doing this to give the family some false hope and make a bit of money on the side. They aren't doing this for free.

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    Got to know a lot about security privileges. Nice forum.

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    Surely Law Enforcement can crack the code.
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