Brown County sheriff deputies responded to a horrific scene on Scoffield Road Monday, Jan. 23 at 7 p.m.. Three people were stabbed during a grizzly assault, according to reports from Brown County Sheriff Dwayne Wenninger.

Sheriff deputies arrested Daniel Schmerr, 33, for the triple stabbing.

Neighbors said Schmerr was the boyfriend of one of the victims, Dorothy “Dottie” Miro, who resides on Scoffield Road, just a few miles outside of Ripley.

According to Flaugher, neighbors could hear the argument taking place on the porch and later inside the Miros’ home.

John Flaugher said he first heard the argument taking place on the Miros’ porch and then inside the Miro home, where Dorothy Miro was stabbed in the throat. Dorothy Miro and her son then came outside the home and told Schmerr that they were going to leave, according to John Flaugher. Schmerr then told the Miros they were not going to leave and they all began to argue outside of the home. In the midst of the argument, 15-year-old Shaheen Miro jumped on Schmerr’s back to protect his mother and it was then that Schmerr turned and stabbed Shaheen in the abdomen, according to John Flaugher.

After being stabbed, Shaheen Miro ran onto the porch of the Miro home and said “I’m hurt, I’m bleeding,” according to John Flaugher.

After stabbing the 15-year-old boy, Schmerr again began to attack Dorothy Miro in the driveway of the Miro home.

While witnessing Schmerr attack his mother, Shaheen Miro again jumped on Schmerr’s back.

After drawing Schmerr’s attention from Dorothy Miro, Shaheen Miro then was chased by Schmerr through a driveway and along Scoffield Road.

While witnessing the chase, John Flaugher screamed at Schmerr to leave the young boy alone.

“I told Dan (Schmerr) to get off of him, get off of him and to leave him alone,” said John Flaugher.

Schmerr then went to the Flaugher home across the street from the Miro residence and stabbed John Flaugher in the neck following a brief exchange of words.

Schmerr then left the scene and John Flaugher’s wife, Shirley, called 911 while she tended to her husband and Shaheen Miro, who was bleeding from the nose due to severe internal injuries.

“When the boy (Shaheen Miro) got separated from his mommy (during the chase), he (Schmerr) was going to go back to the home and finish her (Dorothy Miro) off,” said John Flaugher. “He (Schmerr) had cut the telephone wire (so the Miros couldn’t contact police). He cut it before the fight even started. That guy intended on killing them.