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    Dad allegedly offers Internet sex with toddler & Convicted of WORSE

    Dad allegedly offers to have Internet sex with toddler

    CINCINNATI - A man who was arrested after offering to have sex with a toddler live on the Internet was convicted of raping his 3-year-old daughter and could face life in prison.

    The man's wife was also charged with sexually abusing their children but was found incompetent to stand trial and is undergoing treatment.

    Prosecutor Joe Deters said both Paul Kraft, 32, and his wife sexually abused their four sons and daughter, ages 1 to 6, over the past year. Robin Kraft, 25, faced 17 charges, including rape and attempted rape.


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    Ugh...can it get any worse?

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    Ok, so the mother is incompetent to stand trial? WTH??? Most of these sexual predators are incompetent, for crying out loud! JMO

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    Oh geez. I hope someone with no ties to the family adopts these children and gives them all the love and security they need....and a chance at a whole new life.

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    I think we have three threads on this one now:

    Dad allegedly offers Internet sex with toddler & Convicted of WORSE
    Linda7NJ Yesterday 09:00 PM

    Updates to the case of the internet video of 3yo's rape by father
    mysteriew 10-07-2005 02:19 AM
    by SewingDeb 11 273

    by Melissa Marshall 24 172 Up to the Minute
    Man Raped 3-Year-Old For Internet Video ( 1 2 3 )

    Maybe they can be combined?
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    Criminal Appeal From: Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas
    Judgment Appealed From Is: Affirmed
    Date of Judgment Entry on Appeal: May 11, 2007


    {15} Prior to trial, Kraft moved to dismiss all the pandering counts, claiming
    that the pandering statute, R.C. 2907.322, was unconstitutionally overbroad and vague.
    The trial court overruled Kraft’s motion. After a bench trial, the trial court convicted
    Kraft on all 17 counts and adjudicated him a sexual predator. The court then sentenced
    Kraft to a term of life imprisonment for each rape and to eight years of imprisonment for
    each pandering offense. The court ordered that Kraft serve the terms consecutively.

    Appeal at link:

    Paul Kraft

    Housed: Toledo Correctional Institution
    Sentence Date: 03/07/2006
    Appeal Denied: 05/11/2007

    Offense: 5 counts 1st Degree Rape
    Sentence: Life for each count

    Offense: 12 counts Pandering Obscene Material Involving Minor
    Sentence: 8 years each count

    All sentences are consecutive resulting in 5 life terms plus 96 years.

    Robin Kraft, 26, pleaded guilty in June to two charges of rape and four counts of child endangerment in what was possibly the most horrific and disturbing case of sexual abuse in American history. When Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge David Davis handed down his sentence, the maximum term of 40 years in prison, he said that Robin Kraft should not be released from prison while she can still bear children.

    Much more at link:
    Robin Kraft

    Housed: Unknown

    Robin is not in the DOC system. I read that at one point she was deemed incompetent to stand trial. Apparently, she was brought to competency in order to plead guilty. I suspect she is again mentally incompetent and is possibly in a mental hospital. Her court documents are sealed, which also leads me to believe this. I cannot see another reason for her documents to be sealed. Does anyone have another suggestion for why her files would be sealed? Since there is no clear paper trail here, I'm more or less guessing on this.

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    only reason i can think to seal records, is juvenile, or patriot act but neither of those would apply here i think.

    glad the animal got life

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    Belinda is still at it...updating old cases; Thanks for all your research & reporting B!

    more from link above:

    "Investigators determined that both Kraft and his wife sexually abused their four sons and one daughter, ages 1 to 6, during the year prior to their arrests. The children were placed in foster care during the investigation, where they underwent evaluation. According to Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, they had limited language skills at the time of their parents’ arrests, but they developed enough over the 10 months of investigation to be able to tell authorities what happened to them.

    Prosecutors said during the trial that the five children have been seriously psychologically harmed, perhaps irreparably. Piepmeier told reporters after the sentencing, "These children were not beaten, there were no cuts or stabs, but the way these kids act now after living with this woman requires prolonged treatment to be normal, if ever." All of the children are currently in the care of the Hamilton County Department of Jobs and Family Services. Family members of the Krafts have requested custody of the children, but Deters’ office is fighting that request."

    I could chew nails!!!!!! Thankfully, these children have responded to love & attention in a different setting.... God help the little innocents still living with abuse of every kind.