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    Detectives believe that 24-year-old Kearns met Boshears about four weeks ago while working at Woody’s Bar, 1005 E. Washington St. in Joliet, and that they had been dating for the past two weeks, the sheriff’s office said.

    Kearns was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head on Thursday after an overnight search in a rural area of Kankakee County, the sheriff’s office said. Her body was found in the back of her 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee “in a pole barn located on private property in Aroma Park Township.”

    Investigators “do not believe that the property owner was involved or had knowledge of the concealment,” according to the sheriff’s office.

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    Heck.....I remember the allure & attraction I felt toward the “bad boy”...

    ....and then age & maturity helped me to just realize they were just “bad”

    ....and that picture in the above post has my “bad boy” meter going high alert
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    I wonder what made them search in that location. Someone must have been talking.

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    IL - Kaitlyn 'Katie' Kearns, 24, Joliet, 11 Nov 2017 *Arrest*

    The Will County state’s attorney’s office Friday afternoon said that sheriff’s detectives used “electronic means” to locate Kearns’ 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee in a pole barn on private property in Kankakee Township, about 50 miles from Joliet.
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    Article update...."A Coal City man is facing three counts of first-degree murder in the death of a Joliet bartender".
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    Quote Originally Posted by sammie123 View Post
    Article update...."A Coal City man is facing three counts of first-degree murder in the death of a Joliet bartender".
    Thanks, sammie123. I couldn’t get your link to work, but this may be the same article (without the /amp)
    On Friday, Boshears was ordered held in lieu of posting $25,000 bond at the Jerome Combs Detention Center in Kankakee County on Friday, the sheriff’s office said.
    On Saturday, a Will County judge reviewed the murder charges and signed an arrest warrant that set Boshear’s bail at $10 million, the state’s attorney’s office said. A court date has not yet been scheduled.
    The Kankakee County state’s attorney has agreed to drop their charge against Boshears, so that a similar charge can be brought by Will County as part of the overall prosecution of the case, authorities said.

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    another article at http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburb...117-story.html
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    Quote Originally Posted by caribou_birdie View Post
    I am not surprised, at all, that the bar owner and the members of the Outlaws didn't help in the search. The owner most likely was protecting her business. The bikers trusted her enough to frequent her establishment. If that changed, she could lose her livelihood.

    As far as the Outlaws, they don't take kindly to harming women or children. Not saying the guy in custody didn't do it... just that I believe the other members were not aware of what he did.

    She tried to comfort a teen-age girl terrified that she would be killed if she didn't earn money as a prostitute that night.

    Fauss said the girl disappeared hours later and never returned for her belongings.

    That was when Spaziano told Fauss the real reason for his kindness: She was to be his slave, a piece of property forced to earn money for him and the Outlaws.

    ''I thought, 'Oh God, I really screwed this up,' '' Fauss said. '' 'I really made a bad move here.' ''

    The next day Spaziano locked Fauss and her baby in the covered bed of his pickup and drove to Hollywood, north of Miami. Fauss' son, who had been born with clubbed feet, had just had surgery and his tiny legs were in casts.

    Spaziano had to drop off the other Outlaw - David Goble, a giant of a man his fellow bikers nicknamed ''Tall Paul.''

    But Spaziano made it clear there was another reason for the trip. Fauss was to see how Outlaw women were treated.

    They wound up in back of a seedy bar, in a parking lot filled with Outlaws. Women were being bought, sold and traded in front of her eyes.

    ''That's where they take (expletive) that don't want to do what we want them to do,'' she recalls Spaziano telling her. ''And some you don't see again. Joe said don't ever ask any (expletive) questions. Just keep your mouth shut.''

    Over the next several months, she said she was forced to dance at topless clubs in Orlando - the Other Door, Evil People and the Inferno. Outlaws supplied girls, frequented the bars and often acted as bouncers.

    She quickly learned the rules of Outlaw old ladies: As property, they were far less important to a biker than his Harley-Davidson. If they disobeyed, they could be beaten, gang-raped by club members or even killed.

    As did other old ladies, Fauss wore an Outlaws' denim vest. Hers was emblazoned with the words ''Property of Crazy Joe.''

    ''I was his moneymaker, I was his property,'' Fauss said. ''That's what he always said, 'What's yours is mine, and what's mine is mine - including your son.' ''

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    I never understand why so many people who excuse outlaw biker gangs/members. And sometimes mafia. It's funny I rarely if ever have seen the same attitude toward gangs involved in criminal enterprises of any other kind. Odd, isn't it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by sammie123 View Post
    Article update...."A Coal City man is facing three counts of first-degree murder in the death of a Joliet bartender".
    I’m confused by the three counts of first degree murder.... did he kill others as well?


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    Quote Originally Posted by drelaw View Post
    I’m confused by the three counts of first degree murder.... did he kill others as well?


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    Multiple charges first-degree murder are also based on alternative theories of how the murder was committed. There is murder through an action that one knows will likely result in death where the victim dies during defendant's commission of a felony crime, there is intentional murder, and a few other variations of those themes. The facts dictate which murder counts to change and how many. The number is NOT necessarily related to the number of victims.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spellbound View Post
    An arrest warrant lists his bail at $250,000.

    Will County Sheriff’s department spokeswoman Kathy Hoffmeyer said Boshears is a member of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. Will County Sheriff's office SWAT officers executed a search warrant Thursday morning at the group’s clubhouse, which is near the bar where Kearns worked. Officers seized Boshears’ white Dodge Charger from the clubhouse parking lot after the search, Hoffmeyer said. The vehicle was still being processed Friday, she said.


    Boshears throws at least one huge outdoor party every year in his yard. The bash typically attracts at least 100 people, neighbors say, mostly rough and tough motorcycle riders, like him. And here in this quiet, mostly older neighborhood where several senior citizens live, Boshears is best known for his flagpole. At the corner 3rd and Shabbona Streets, Boshears proudly flew the Confederate Flag. That flag sported the message "Come and Take."
    Above his Confederate flag, Boshears flew a black flag with a serpent that proclaims "DON'T TREAD ON ME." Before that flag showed up more recently, neighbors told Joliet Patch, Boshears apparently had been flying an odd-looking yellow flag, a flag that some suspected might serve as a code for drug activity

    Boshears works for an overhead door company, according to neighbors
    On social media, a Linkedin profile identifies a Jeremy Boshears as being employed in Joliet at Wunderlich Doors, Inc., in building materials.
    [picture of his home on page]

    Boshears mostly kept to himself and did not go out of his way to mingle his neighbors.
    "In all the years, I've never had so much a reason to have a conversation with him," one man said.

    The felony charge, however, is not being filed in Will County, but rather by the Kankakee County State's Attorney's Office.
    Boshears was then apprehended and driven down to Kankakee County, where he was booked into the Jerome Combs Detention Center.

    Confederate flag in Illinois, drug dealer, outlaw biker. Sounds less "bad boy" and more like trash

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    No its just a neighborhood bar known for coke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by margarita25 View Post
    "According to federal agents the Outlaws in the Great Lakes region are the dominant biker gang. Outlaws rackets are primarily illegal drugs-meth, cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy. Like traditional organized crime they are also into arson, assault, bombings, extortion, fraud, murder, kidnapping, money laundering, prostitution, robbery, theft and weapons trafficking."

    Does the above exclude women and children? Just wondering...(not being snarky, well maybe kind of lol, no, but seriously, I'm asking...)
    Yes, for the most part, it does exclude women (excluding prostitution) and children.
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    The deplorable treatment of women by OMGs is well documented and they are well known for sex trafficking of women in Illinois and surrounding areas (among other things). Any impression that they respect or protect women is totally fictional. It is very likely Katie was shot because she refused to participate. Here is more info:

    http://www.globalcenturion.org/wp-co...-Persons-1.pdf page 6

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    I did not say they "respect or protect", kindly re-read my post

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