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Thread: NC - Scarlett Lee Wood, 27 Jan 2003

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    NC - Scarlett Lee Wood, 27 Jan 2003

    This is the only site I can find about Scarlett.

    All it has is a photo - no stats. Beautiful young woman....

    According to this news article Scarlett went missing in January 2003. A year later human remains were recovered in the same city. IT TOOK 2 YEARS for authorities to confirm it was Scarlett!!!!!

    They are now congradulating themselves on solving a cold case!

    I'm sorry. I know their job is tough sometimes but WHY DID IT TAKE TWO YEARS TO IDENTIFY SOMEONE WHO WAS REPORTED MISSING IN THE SAME CITY???????????

    Unfortunately the article doesn't say why...

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    DNA was in full use at the time. LE patting themselves on the back won't float this boat. If they sat on evidence they put others at risk. If they failed to get DNA testing ditto. The biggest tool in the world is available and even if it is small jurisdiction there are federal funds to help. They just have to ask.

    This reminds me so much when Derrick Todd Lee was arrested in Atlanta for the brutal rapes and murders of women in s. Louisiana. It took one DA office investigator to act on a hunch and get his DNA. He bolted after. The US Marshall's service was contacted and he was arrested within a week. After two brutal years of hogwash. His DNA matched the crime scenes.

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    ConcernedPerson DNA did solve this one too.... I'm hoping that someone is going to come along and say "Oh no, the article didn't get the story right" and an explanation will happen....

    This is too sad. The family waited... the killer was free... all because they sat on it????

    I hope not... because that makes me feel like

    And then to pat themselves on the back????

    As I said... I hope someone posts something that will clarify how this happened!

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    It doesn't make any sense that it took so long to identify this young lady.
    They were that busy for years? I doubt it. I want to know who they arrested and if that person had been involved in her life in some way. They could at least have the courtesy of giving us some information.

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