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    A very sad outcome indeed, but thank you PrairieWind and Cryptic for your insights. Very interesting.
    Submarines both amaze and terrify me.

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    Guess I'd like to see if they could at least recover the bodies for their loved ones !!
    Some very small solace.
    Whatever happened, hope it was very quick !!

    Rest in peace to the 44... My utmost condolences to their families.

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    Russian oceanographic research ship arrives in San Juan submarine search zone

    The vessel serves as a mother ship for advanced mini-subs, which can carry out research missions at great depths


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    May 2013
    Argentine parliamentarians are reportedly investigating two German firms over the replacement of batteries on the missing submarine ARA San Juan, alleging bribes were paid to secure contracts and inferior products used.


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    New target in search for missing Argentine sub

    A new object has been found at 1 000m with sonar search equipment in the South Atlantic. And it is being looked at to determine if it could be the Argentine sub, along with a second object at about 700 meters.


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