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    KY - Charges Dismissed Against Man For Choking Now-Deceased Pregnant Girlfriend

    ...Nicole Kalill accused Steven Lusby of holding her down and choking her until she blacked out. Kalill was eight months pregnant, but delivered a healthy baby boy. Lusby was jailed and charged with attempted murder, but last month a grand jury indicted him instead on charges of unlawful imprisonment, wanton endangerment and fourth-degree assault. Just a few weeks later, a huge twist in the case - Kalill was found dead at a friend's apartment.

    More: http://www.lex18.com/Global/story.as...21210&nav=EQlp
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    She accused him of sitting on her stomach and choking her while she was pregnant.

    Kallil's baby boy was delivered premature.

    He is three months old now.

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    From link above: The Fayette County coroner has not said how Kalill died, but he doesn't think foul play was involved. Lusby was behind bars when her body was found.

    I wonder if her death might be related to injuries received in the assault? I am anxious to hear the results of the autopsy.
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    I would like to hear more too. I wonder who is raising the baby now? This guy probably hasn't been allowed to even see the baby up until now. I wonder if he is going to be able to get visitation with the baby now? He shouldn't but the way the law works he will probably have rights.

    The attack on her must have been 4 months ago. I also wonder if her death has anything to do with his assult on her. That poor girl...she lived through the assult and had her baby who appears to be a healthy baby boy and then she dies. Life isn't fair.

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    He is a brute with no impulse control and that makes him a walking timebomb. Can you see what might happen to any woman who gets involved with him in the future?

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