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    TX - Roland Alvarado Arrested In Beating Of 4-Month-Old, Lytle, 2006

    BEXAR COUNTY, Texas -- A Lytle man has been arrested for allegedly beating his 4-month-old daughter.

    According to Bexar County sheriff's detectives, the baby's father, Roland Alvarado, 24, beat the little girl so hard she had the imprint of his fist on her chest.

    Alvarado has been under investigation for the last two weeks. His daughter was taken to Christus Santa Rosa Hospital with injuries he claimed were caused by a fall from her bed, but doctors determined the bleeding fractures on the girl's skull and the chest wound were most likely the cause of child abuse.

    The girl has recovered to the point where she's been released from the hospital.

    "Child protective services has a safety plan in play that was initiated when the child came into the hospital," said Sgt. Chris Burchell, of the Bexar County S heriff's O ffice. "The child spent five days in intensive care with bleeding skull fracture and is now home recovering."
    POS He hit her hard enough to leave an imprint of his fist .I cant believe she survived.

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    you mean... home with the mother that may have known what was going on???? Home with WHO?

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    This is sick!!

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    Why, why, why, why??? I want to scream. I think the punishment ought to fit the crime. This human slime needs to be beaten as severely if not worse than he beat this innocent precious baby.

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    Roland Alvarado

    Housed: Dominguez
    Sentence Date: 11/20/2009

    Offense: Child Endangerment
    Sentence: 270 days

    Projected Release Date: 08/14/2010

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    child endangerment? attempted murder seems more appropriate ...

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