This is the Babcock murder trial discussion thread.

A few general reminders about the trial:

Any testimony that might remain under Publication Ban, and/or any courtroom discussion that takes place when the jury is not present, is strictly off-limits.

Only testimony that is published through MSM reporting (newspaper articles, tweets, tv) is allowed. Provide a source link, and keep discussion focused on testimony as it becomes public knowledge.

The magnificent principle of “innocent until proven guilty” is for the court room … it is not required that the general public / Websleuths members adhere to that principle. Members are allowed to discuss, speculate, theorize, and judge according to opinions they develop from following the specifics of the case.

A few general reminders from Websleuths TOS aka The Rules.

At all times, remain VICTIM FRIENDLY. No bashing or passing judgment on the victim or family.

There is ZERO TOLERANCE for snarky or disrespectful posts. Don’t expect an explanation … you will find your post has simply disappeared, or that you can no longer post.

There is to be NO name calling or name variations, not even of the accused.

BICKERING between members is not allowed. If you disagree, that's fine, say so and move past the post. If a post is offensive, alert it and let the Mods review it. If you respond to the post, both the offensive post AND yours will be removed and may result in other consequences.

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Do not abuse the WS Alert feature. Abuse includes, but is not limited to:
• Overuse of the alert system
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Paywall Sites

Under copyright law, members who read information at a paid subscription site are NOT legally allowed to bring information obtained through those accounts over to Websleuths or pass the information to a third party to post the information here. All information posted at Websleuths about the trial must be obtained through MSM or MSM social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook) and linked.

If you have any questions, use the Alert feature or send a PM and we will be happy to assist.