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    SC - Michael Akey, 13, Burton, 24 June 1972

    DNA Identifies Beaufort Boy Who Disappeared in1972

    DNA Identifies Beaufort Boy Who Disappeared in1972

    A lowcountry family is finally getting some answers about a 13-year-old brother and son who disappeared more than 30 years ago. Until now the family didn't even know for sure if Michael Akey was dead or alive, but DNA evidence shows remains buried in the Beaufort National Cemetery are Michael's.

    Kelly Williams watched as her brother's coffin was removed from a grave in the Beaufort National Cemetery back in August and sent to an FBI lab. At the time, she wasn't sure if the remains belonged to her brother, Michael Akey. This week she found out DNA shows the boy's bones found on Lady's Island in 1978 and buried at the cemetery are Michaelís.

    ~more at link~

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    Has a picture of Michael!

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    Thanks Gingersnap.

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    It is hard to tell for sure, but it looks as though they had always thought that the remains were her brothers, but didn't know for sure. One thing I wonder about. Sister seems fairly sure that the 13 year old was killed in an accident with the two friends and that they lied about it, though their story was that he got into a car with a white man in his 20's. Also, though they set off (on foot?) to a local watermelon patch, yet the boy's body was found on Lady's Island, I wonder how far away that was and could the boys have gotten there on foot?
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    Myst, I checked out a map and no, I don't think he could have reached Lady's Island on foot.
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    From the link.

    Michael Steven Akey (1972): On June 24, 1972, 14-year-old Michael Steven Akey was reportedly abducted by an unknown white male subject driving a 1962-63 four-door Chevrolet near a watermelon patch at Trammellís Market (In 1972, Trammellís Market was located in the area of Joe Frazier Road and Godwin Road) in Burton. At the time of the abduction, he was in the company of two juvenile friends and all three were hitching and caught a ride with the subject. While two were stealing watermelons, the subject drove off with Akey in the vehicle. Akey was not seen alive again. The juvenile witnesses were unable to provide the identity of the subject.

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    A new article on this case, 45 years since Michael went missing....

    This teen was abducted from Burton in 1972. His remains were found near Whitehall Plantation. But who killed him?

    By Graham Cawthon

    More than 40 years have passed since 14-year-old Michael Steven Akey went missing near Burton.

    The date was June 24, 1972 when Akey and two friends went hitchhiking and caught a ride with a man driving a early 1960s model Chevrolet. According to the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, as the two friends were stealing watermelons from Trammell’s Market, near Joe Frazier Road and Godwin Road, the driver sped off with Akey still in the car.


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    is there any mention on the cause of death anywhere?

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