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    VA. Folks flush with Rat problem!

    FRONT ROYAL, Va (AP) — Two residents discovered dead rats in their toilets — and town officials say a nest in the sewer line could be the problem.

    On Monday, Lyndon Flood found a dead rat she described as "half the size of a cat" in her toilet.

    "I went in there to use the toilet. ... I can hardly talk about it," she said. "Could you imagine having a rat in your toilet while you're getting ready to go to the bathroom?"

    Betty Lamb said her daughter-in-law found a dead rat in the toilet last Wednesday. "She thought it was a joke we pulled on her," she said.

    George Shadman, Front Royal's director of public works, said sewer rats appear occasionally in the system.

    Full Story from USA Today

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    That's just NASTY. Good thing some of us use Septic tanks. Just imagine...you are sitting on the John...minding to your own, when a big rat starts to crawl into your bowl.....Nope..I think not! lol

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    Especially ones that are "half the size of a cat"


    Gives a whole new meaning to the old movie line "You Dirty Rat"

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