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    NC - Frostbitten newborn found in back of truck

    Baby will be okay, but they're looking for the mother. I didn't see an article but it's on cnn.com breaking news videos. They said the baby was only a few hours old when the guy found him in the back of his truck.

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    Sick freakin' people!

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    Nash County officials are searching for the parents of an abandoned baby boy.
    Deputies say a man discovered the newborn wrapped in a blanket in the back of his pickup truck Monday morning. It happened at Dale Bone Farms off Highway 58 South in the Sandy Cross community.

    The infant boy was just hours hold when he was found. The baby was rushed to Nash General Hospital with frostbite on his fingers and toes. Doctors say he will be OK.


    How sad Glad he's ok!

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    Thank God he was found. I'm glad to hear he's going to be ok.

    What kind of a person leaves a completely defenseless baby out like this??? There are so many places that you can take infants to ... hospitals, churches, police stations, etc. But to leave him out in the cold to probably die??? I don't get it.

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    The man who discovered him comes to work about seven in the morning and he came out for his mid-morning break between 9:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. and he said he noticed movement or something in the back of the truck,” Nash County Sheriff Dick Jenkins said.

    It was a cold morning, about 40 degrees.

    The man found the baby wearing only a bath towel and this teal green baby blanket with a teddy bear on it.

    "He had some frostbite on his fingers and his toes, but other than that, he's doing good."

    Nash County Sheriff Dick Jenkins says the baby was between four- and six-hours-old and weighed about 7 pounds.


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    How scared he must have been, shivering and cold, defenseless. Thank goodness for the nice man that found him and called for help..Let's leave the mother in a freezer to freeze to death....I hope someone adopts and loves the cutie pie...

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    I can't stant these stories. If you don't want the baby give it up for adoption. Or go deliver at the hospital and run away after they are born. I am always amazed at peoples cruelty to helpless people and animals.

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