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    OH - Robert Bass, 47, & Ecolia Washington, 38, Franklin County, 1996 & 1998

    Photos and video at link

    Police: Cold Case Murders Solved
    NBC 4 Report Generates New Tips

    COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Investigators said a pair of cold case murders in Central Ohio were recently solved with the help of an NBC 4 special report.

    Robert Bass and Ecoia Washington were shot to death years ago. Bass was killed in Pickerington in 1996, and Washington died on the east side of Columbus in 1998.

    A federal indictment was issued Thursday, indicating that Bass and Washington were killed by the same man -- as retribution for testifying against him in a criminal case, NBC 4's Holly Hollingsworth reported.

    Thomas Henderson, 54, was indicted in connection with their deaths. Cold case investigators and the FBI believe Henderson executed the pair because they knew he had robbed a bank in Georgia.

    Bass and Washington had cooperated with authorities in the case, sending Henderson to federal prison.

    "It was purely retaliation for them cooperating with the authorities," said Sgt. Jeff Sackstedder, of Columbus Police Cold Case Squad.

    NBC 4 reported about the cold case investigations in February 2005.

    Investigators credited the report with allowing Henderson to know that there was a serious effort to bring him to justice. Officials also said the report gave the case a second life.

    Before the murders, Henderson had served time for the bank robbery and manslaughter.

    "As a result of him running all of his sentencing concurrently, it allowed him to get out in 1995 and essentially, he planned the deaths of these two individuals, probably from the time that he was in the penitentiary," Sackstedder said.

    Henderson was arrested on firearms and drug trafficking charges.

    If convicted, he could face the death penalty for the slayings.

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    From July 2007:


    A man will be sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for killing two people who provided authorities with information that helped send him to prison for a Georgia bank robbery...

    On June 26, the jury found Henderson guilty of two counts of killing a federal witness and two counts of using a firearm in a crime of violence.

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