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    Nine injured in latest jail riot at Los Angeles County complex

    LOS ANGELES The latest outbreak of racially charged rioting at a Southern California jail has sent eight inmates to the hospital with minor injuries.

    A sheriff's spokesman says the fight erupted at a housing dorm where 86 black and Hispanic inmates were separated by race. No deputies were hurt breaking up the fight. One injured inmate was treated at the scene.

    Dozens of inmates have been injured and one killed since clashes between Hispanic and black inmates began February Fourth at the Pitchess Detention Center, about 40 miles outside Los Angeles.


    The 19 thousand inmates are locked down and they still riot.

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    Man 'O Man, as Dr John would say! How is that possible? What do they do besides scream and maybe throw poo and pee at the guards?

    The deal is the two factions were seperated, and I thought that was part of the major problem with the dissention in these prisons. Mexicans and blacks just don't get along, that's all there is to it!

    Downtown Portland they hang together on the street corners, each selling their own type of drug. But I think the difference here is they are not in organized gangs so much, at least with the Mexicans. We have our share of problems with drive-by shootings in the NE part of town which is where so many blacks live.

    It has got to be a gang thing, right? You would think prison administration would have the knowledge to get this problem straightened out pronto! For one thing they seperate them into groups of gangs in prison, so it seems like they are like perpetuating the problem and making the gangs stronger. I'd hate to see a summer of this prison rioting in California.


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    Hi Scandi,

    Thank-you for your post.It is a gang thing.You would think that the Security Threat Group(aka gang task force) would have been on top of rivals long before this.

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