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    AL - Janet Mills, 38, pregnant, shot to death, Axis, 13 Feb 2006

    Mobile County bartender fatally shot in the head

    Christina Bowersox, spokeswoman for the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, says Mills was shot and killed by her common law husband, 31-year-old Barry Vick. Vick turned himself into authorities late Monday night. Authorities say the couple had been having domestic problems. “She recently told me she was pregnant,” Streetman said. Authorities say Mills had four other children.

    More: http://www.wpmi.com/news/local/story...D-B7FB8929C07C
    Rest in Peace to my best buddy and baby, Buster ~ He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Jan. 3, 2011. I miss you, Buster and love you with all my being.

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    It just seems to go on and on. This lady had four children who are now left with no mom. He murders her and then goes and turns himself in. I wonder if it was worth it to him. I'm just so sick of pregnant women being murdered by their spouses, S.O'S or ex-whatevers. Seems like there is at least one a day.

    How do we make it stop....I have no idea.

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    I am not attacking the victim ... But the article says she has 4 other children??
    It did not say these 4 belonged to the killer.

    So what on earth is this women doing with 4 kids pregnant again while working as a bartender?
    She asked the owner to open on Monday for extra cash?

    This entire picture is sad.. You have these women getting pregnant by different men, living in poverty, and the stress and lack of oppurtunity couples them with dead beats who are prone to drinking, drugs and violence whom they somehow think will love them if they have a baby?

    This is so sad. If its not this we are reading then its the "new boyfriend" beat and abused or molested and killed a child the mother had previously by another.

    We spend so much time fighting for justice but I must ask what should we be doing to prevent these situations all together.
    Really the likelyhood that the other 4 children will replicate this situation is fairy high. (or at least a situation equally as bad)

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    These 2 had only known each other for 5 months. I don't see how they can say this was her "common law" husband. I thought you had to live with someone for some time in order for it to be "common law". In my opinion, 5 months doesn't quite cut even really knowing the person. This guy needs to be locked up for life.

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    Couldn't find any MSM, but Alabama DOC says Vick is serving 25 years for manslaughter:


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