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    NC - Infant's Body Found At Sewer Plant

    GOLDSBORO, N.C. - The body of a baby was found at a Goldsboro sewage treatment plant Thursday morning, police said. The infant's body, which still had the umbilical cord attached, was found by a city worker at about 10:30 a.m. in a collection reservoir at the Highway 117 Pumping Station, police said.

    Police haven't released information about the baby's sex or race, and they have turned the body over to a medical examiner to determine how old the child was, how long it was in the reservoir and whether it was stillborn or had been born alive.

    Police are searching for the baby's mother, who they said could need assistance.

    "The mother of this child, I'm not sure, could be in medical danger. We would like to know who it is because they might need medical help that they're trying to hide," said Chad Calloway, an investigator with the Goldsboro Police Department. "I feel relatively sure that whoever this person is, someone close to them should know that they have recently had a child or that they were previously pregnant."

    Authorities said the only way for the body to wind up in the collection reservoir -- short of someone scaling the fence that surrounds the plant and dropping it in -- would be to flush it down a toilet.
    poor little baby ,WHY?

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    I hate this crap. Here we are praying and praying and praying for a third child but yet all these unfit women are having them left and right and then abusing them like this. It just makes me so freaking mad that I can't stand it. I just really can NOT stand it.

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    I've been watching the news as often as possible to see if this baby has been identified yet. So far, all they are telling is that the baby was a little girl. It doesn't say it in this article that I'm posting the link for but, in a report that I heard on the TV, I believe that they said the autopsy was inconclusive and that the mother would have only been 25-27 weeks pregnant.


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    Is that a viable birth or did the baby abort for some reason??? Has a crime been committed?

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    How very sad. 26 weeks is usually the "borderline" of viability I believe. I'm sure this will be very hard to make a firm judgement on, as I'm sure there are infants who have survived when born earlier than 26 weeks. I would have to assume that some poor girl went into labor and probably didn't know what to do, although the idea that this poor sweet babe was the product of a medical abortion is not totally of base. Sad either way.

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