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    Woman Sues McDonalds Over Bloody Fry Bag

    Wow, I finally came across a story that I could post in the bizarre news forum!


    Davis said she bought the meal at the drive-through window of a Gastonia McDonald's in November 2004 and ate it at her office desk. She said when she found the blood, she called the fast-food restaurant and spoke with an assistant manager who said the blood came from an employee who had suffered a cut.

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    ICK... I'd be mad over that as well... Who wants to eat out of a bloody fry bag... hehe... Then you call and find out that some employee cut themselves and were still serving food with an open wound...

    This post is my opinion only, and is subject to making me look totally confused

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    I smelled lawsuit all over this. How gross. A bloody fry bag.

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    That is disgusting. I am usually not a fan of people suing restaraunts, store, etc. but in this case I hope she gets a good settlement and I am all for this lawsuit.

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    I have worked in the food service industry for years, including fast foods and I understand completely the concern over HIV, AIDS, or any other disease that can be passed on by handling food. I am not trying to make excuses for the restaurant, but a few things just don't make sense.

    She's filed a lawsuit in Gaston County, N.C., after claiming to have found blood smeared inside a bag of french fries. She's suing for at least $10,000.
    Okay, a bag a french fries, that tells me that she bought a kid's meal, because kiddie fries are the only ones to come in a bag. Now why there was blood found inside the bag confuses me. All fast food restaurants have fry scoops and that is what a person uses to open the bag while dropping in the french fries. I don't understand how the blood ended up "smeared" on the "inside" of the bag. Since the bag is nothing more than recycled paper covered in wax and might have been bagged up early and placed under heat lamps for the lunch rush, who is to say that the stain wasn't on the outside of the bag?

    Another thing, in Ohio, my county anyways, anyone handling food is required to wear gloves. Now if I were get cut and it happens to everyone working backline in every restaurant, put on the bandaid, and then my gloves, there should be no reason that the blood would have made it to the french fry bag. We have a bandaid that doesn't tend to stick well in this environment to begin with, gloves, and the fry scoop. My bandaid falls off inside my glove and if I am still bleeding, I would notice it inside my glove, especially after my bandaid fell off due to grease, heat, or sweat from the glove. I don't care if it is lunch rush, I would stop doing what was required and tend to my cut for the minute that I would be allowed too.

    She called the fast-food restaurant and spoke with an assistant manager who said the blood came from an employee who had suffered a cut.
    How many out there have called to complain about a meal? If it's regarding a complaint, whoever answers the phone will pass you off to the person in charge at that time. In this case, the assistant manager acknowledges by the article that someone was cut. Is that a fact? Any manager will say anything just to keep your business and everything that you are telling them goes right in one ear and out the other. They take your name and will send off coupons to keep you happy and are there for a paycheck, just like everyone else.

    Lesson # 1: The customer is always right, no matter how many times the customer is actually wrong, just keep their business. The customer IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!!! What some folks who can afford food, will do to get free food, is just unreal.

    Lesson #2: Tell the customer that they are right and offer free food coupons to those that are upset.

    Now the person was fired and the county health officials filed no charges. The person could have been fired for anything. Attendance, parole violation, illegal immigrant, found a better job and just didnt bother call in. I find it interesting the the Board of Health didn't file any charges against the restaurant. Who has the blood stained fry bag?

    I just feel like this is another finger in a bowl of chili and someone trying to cover their personal bills.

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    I have to say that fast food restaurants need better controls over these things. I went through the drive through of a local fast food chain and the guy who handed my my food had a softball sized burn on his arm that was oozing puss and obviously infected. This so disgusted me that I could never go back to that restaurant. I completely understand suing over this, I would have done the same. We live in a society that is on the run and we should feel safe eating the food that we are served, and we certainly don't know what all goes on in those kitchens!

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