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    Chicago man gets parking tickets when dead in the SUV


    He was reported missing on Feb 6th. His SUV was ticketed with three parking tickets and a tow away sticker.

    His body was discovered in the back seat three days later when someone walked by and noticed a foot against the passenger-side, backseat window.

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    Well this helps to confirm my suspicions that meter maids are drones. How does a passerby see a foot against a window yet someone who put three tickets and a tow-away- sticker on the vehicle is oblivious?

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    Okay, this is MUCH worse than the guy riding the subway in New York and no one noticing he was dead!!


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    Hey, it's not my job to be observant. I am here to write parking tickets. One wonders if the man was ill in the vehicle during some of those ticket writing sessions and finally died at some point after that. That poor man and his poor family.

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