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    TeamRamsey Hoax

    Michael Tracey has made three documentaries about the case - all pro-Ramsey. My first induction into the case was the first Tracey documentary - aired here in the Uk in July 1998.

    The first Tracey documentary countered the incorrect media stories about the case. The second, put forward Lou SMit's intruder theory, but the third documentary was an out and out scam - full of highly innacurate and misleading information.

    I note that at the John Douglas forum they are discussing this documentary.

    A poster named Voice of reason (is that our VOR?) is attempting to put the record straight and he posted:-

    Following that program, some people were outraged at such irresponsible reporting, naming innocent individuals as murder suspects. Gigax, as it turns out, was nowhere near Boulder near xmas of '96. Helgoth was, but his DNA was tested and he was not the owner of the DNA found in the JonBenet murder.
    This is an accurate, factual statement. Unfortunately, another poster followed up with a misleading statement:-

    To be accurate, the program did not name the second suspect, only Helgoth, whose name was already known. The second suspect was outed on one of the online forums.

    I know the truth of this, because I was involved. Only a few online case followers have seen that documentary and the FACT is that Tracey showed JSG's arrest documents with his name blacked out but his number is clear view. It took 5 minutes and $6 to obtain those documents - both of which are online.

    The second suspect's name may have been outed on the forums, but it was Tracey & Co who accused him of several murders, sexual assaults and burglaries - flashing his documents online for all to see.

    What I find absolutely laughable about the whole thing was the level of complete incompetency displayed by the Ramsey PIs. I wouldn't hire them to find my husband if he was in the same building! On the SAME programme, they stated that they believed the same man was responsible for the DanceWest assault where the perp was described as being a small blonde man in his 20s with a jutting out chin ... and then proceeded to show the arrest documents of their suspect where his physical appearance was described as 6ft 1in with dark hair and brown eyes and his DOB showed that he was in his 50s.

    Seriously - that alone trashed any credibility these guys might have had. It also transpired that these same PIs knew exactly where to find their "prime suspect" - knew he had an Internet business giving his phone number and e-mail... yet they claimed he had "disappeared". Internet sleuths made contact with him within a day or so and he immediately contacted the Boulder DA's office to demand a DNA test to clear his name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayelles
    ...A poster named Voice of reason (is that our VOR?) is attempting to put the record straight and he posted...
    Yes, that is me. I don't post there often, but there are many true crime buffs on that forum, and many of them are not up to speed on the Ramsey case. They'll catch a glimpse of that "documentary" and post questions in the JBR thread. I just try to keep the correct information circulating...