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    "Awakened" coma patient dies

    A firefighter who was severely injured,and comatose in 1995, awoke last year and spoke. This father of four, was distraught to think he had not been there for his children. Interesting article. Article of hope.

    Donald Herbert 44 years old.

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    Very, very sad. I remember the press a year ago when he woke up. So incredibly sad that his family is having to relive the pain all over again. I had prayed they would be able to have some normalcy back in their lives when he woke up. My heart goes out to them.

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    Thats very sad. It must be so difficult for his family.

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    I read this this morning. It is terribly sad. Sending prayers to his family.

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    'Burb east of Buffalo NY

    My home town.....so sad.....

    I remember when the accident happened......and when he "woke up" after being in a coma for so long..I thought MAYBE he would start to improve. My Dad died the same way after suffering a massive stroke....so sad and so hard on the family.


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