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    AZ - Hostage Situation in Phoenix, Feb 2006

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    breaking news

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    Quote Originally Posted by petra
    Hi Petra ,
    I am watching the Fox channel and they came on with that story.Thank-you for posting this and thank you for the dink.

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    hi dark shadows..

    keep us posted pls...it is 4. 40 am here and i have no idea why i am up watching news. LOL- true news junkie.

    seems to be lots of breaking news tonight.

    state of emergency aftre coup in phillipeans
    dubai port delaying agreement
    civil unrest and curfew in iraq

    wonder if it is a full moon!!!!

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    More details from azcentral.com:
    One of the hostages being held by a gunman who burst into a central Phoenix high-rise Thursday afternoon has escaped, leaving the room under the pretense that she was going to the bathroom, police said.

    In addition, one of the hostages called his girlfriend, an Arizona Republic reporter, to outline the gunman's demands. Chris Doyle told his girlfriend the gunman wants to see his wife by the door as soon as he walks out and that he wants to see his sister there, too, behind a police shield. If that happens, the gunman will drop his weapon and surrender, Doyle told his girlfriend.
    Witnesses said the gunman grabbed a secretary as she was walking out of the office's secured doors to go to the bathroom. He shouted something, then dragged the woman into a room and closed the door, according to those who were in the building.

    Witnesses said a judge from San Francisco and two attorneys were among the hostages. Others in the office either got out on their own or were escorted to safety by police.
    Others who work in the building say there is a security guard stationed in the building, but it does not have metal detectors.
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    ABC Radio is reporting all hostages have been released. No more info as of yet. Praise the Lord!

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