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    Apr 2005

    Virus spreading like wildfire

    This virus has hit our local highschool, 1,400 students out SICK on Friday. The day before hundreds were vomiting and had to be sent home.


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    Aug 2003
    It's been going around Texas too. About everyone in my family has had it and many friends; and some have ended up in the hospital with it. It's so contagious all you have to do is be near that person or barely touch them.

    It's like dysentery, and people are so sick. Then you think you're well, and a couple days later it comes back on you.

    Oh well, good morning Merry Sunshine. Drink your Florida orange juice.

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    Aug 2003
    All four of us have it....my six year old brought it home from school and gave it to the rest of us. (I personally think he took that lesson in sharing in a little too seriously.) The pediatrician told me that it mimics the flu but the flu test shows negative. All four of us have has some of the same symptoms, but yet, have had different symptoms as well. And you're right about the relapse. My kids went 24 hours without fever....I tho't "whew" it's over....wrong. I went back to work and my mom called me to say they had had a fever spike. This is some nasty "stuff".