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    NH - Hollis Man Hunts Underage Girls On Myspace

    Here we go again with Myspace

    A man in Hollis,N.H. is charged with luring teenage girls from Myspace to have sex with him.
    He was caught by an undercover Officer pretending to be a 14 year old girl.He has done this several times and goes to Myspace to find the underage girls.


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    My sister in Jersey sent me this link;

    Girl murdered

    New Jersey reporter Jen Maxfield takes a look at whether these sites are safe.

    Protecting teens online: a simple guide to safer surfing There's nothing wrong with using these sites to chat with friends. Millions of teenagers do that every day, but experts say that chatting with strangers online can be dangerous and meeting with one of those strangers in person could be deadly.


    Carla Serrano, Victim's Friend: "I heard she was missing. I prayed that every day she would come back"

    Carla Serrano remembers her best friend, Judy Cajuste. Last Friday Carla received the horrible news that Cajuste's strangled body was found in a dumpster in Weequahic Park in Newark.

    Carla Serrano, Victim's Friend: "She did not deserve it because she was such a nice person. She was so friendly. She did not deserve anything like that."

    Police are investigating the possibility that Judy may have met her killer online and they have confiscated the 14-year-old's computer to search for clues.

    Today on the My Space website where Judy spent most of her time, friends posted tribute messages in her memory.

    Carla Serrano, Victim's Friend: "She would be on the computer and I would chat with her, just tell me how her day was, we would talk." While police have not made any arrests, Judy Cajuste's murder raises questions for parents about how to monitor their children's online activites, especially with millions of teens posting their personal information on chat sites and blogs.

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