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    Jack Wild, the "Artful Dodger" dies at 53

    I heard this on the news this morning but do not have a link. He was suffering from mouth cancer.

    I was 5 years old when OLIVER! came out in 1968 and I can remember going to the theater and then playing the record over and over and over again throughout my childhood. It is one of my favorite musicals. I think Jack had a troubled life, but he was perfect as the Artful Dodger who matched wits with the conniving Fagan. I can also remember Saturday mornings watching him on "H.R. Pufnstuf". I loved that Witchiepoo!!

    RIP Jack. You were too young to leave us.

    P.S. I was shocked to learn that there were only 17 episodes of PufnStuf made. Somehow they managed to entertain me year after year through my elementary school days.

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    Here's a link:


    Very sad indeed -- his life caught up with him. apparently he said he took care never to be photographed with a drink or cigarette in hand because he didn't want to encourage children to take up the life-destroying habits.

    R.I.P. Jack.

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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha
    OMG. I JUST watched Oliver 2 nights ago. I sang along to every song. Not very well I might add. LOL.

    This is so sad.
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    Thank you for the link. How very sad. I didn't even recognize him in the recent phot. He had aged well beyond his years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cypros
    I can remember going to the theater and then playing the record over and over and over again throughout my childhood. It is one of my favorite musicals.
    ditto. To this day, I could sing every song, word for word.

    I think I will go out and try to find the soundtrack on CD.

    Thanks for the story.

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    Very sad indeed. He made the Dodger one of my all time favorite movie characters.

    Godspeed, Jack!

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    this is crazy. I watched Oliver! yesterday, and looked up Jack on imdb last night. Wow. I hope he's free from pain and suffering now.

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    I was so sad when I saw this on the news earlier today. I had a HUGE crush on this guy when I was 12 and he was 17. I loved PufnStuf ~ anybody else remember the motion picture they made of it after the series? He also had a single and a solo album released during that time period ~ I think I wore my copies out, LOL. My Mom thought I was nuts, but he was such a cute little thing!! RIP Jack ~ you brought me much happiness as a young girl, and I will continue to remember you fondly.

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