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    NY - NYC Woman abducted, sexually assaulted for 9 hours by 3 men

    Woman abducted, sexually assaulted

    (Haverstraw-WABC, March 3, 2006) - A harrowing morning for a woman in Rockland County, taken from her home and sexually assaulted. Police say the woman lives in a trailer park in Haverstraw. While she is being cared for police are now looking for the suspects behind the attack.

    Eyewitness News reporter Joe Torres is live at the trailer park in Haverstraw with the story.

    Police say the victim was sexually assaulted by the three men for nine hours that ended when she escaped at about six o'clock this morning. Just about every officer on the Haverstraw police department converged to Route 22 near the woman's trailer park home. About six o'clock this morning, cops received a call from a woman who said she escaped from three men in a red jeep who abducted her at nine o'clock last night and sexually assaulted her.

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    Do you have a link to this story? Or is this all they said so far? Thank you.
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    The men drove up to the woman in the Parkway Trailer Park about 9 p.m. Thursday as she walked home from an uncle's house, police said.

    One man called out her first name and after she ignored him and kept walking, the driver pulled the red four-door vehicle next to her, Haverstraw police Detective Sgt. John Hickey said yesterday.

    "She told us they told her, 'We know you're such and such's sister and if you don't get into this car, we're going to kill your brother,' " Hickey said. "Then one man reached out, grabbed her and pulled her into the car."

    She told police she tried fighting off two of the men as they drove to a wooded area not far from the trailer park. Parkway Trailer Park is on Old County Road, which is off Route 202.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MIpony
    Do you have a link to this story? Or is this all they said so far? Thank you.
    I got it off this site,when I went to post the link,it was no longer showing.
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