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    This is Disgusting!

    There should be a special criminal charge for cases like this - it's also TORTURE, not 'just' child abuse.

    There's a pic and video at the link.

    Harnett County Foster Mom Charged With Felony Child Abuse

    HARNETT COUNTY, N.C. -- A Harnett County foster mother faces felony child abuse charges after being accused of her severely injuring her 3-year-old foster son so badly that he almost died. Investigators believe Kathryn Chance, of Dunn, burned and beat the boy, who suffers from injuries that include a bruised face and scorched genitals.

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    I agree it is torture. 3 years old - how can one that young defend themself? Why, they can't! That's why they're chosen...Maybe she needs to meet up with someone her own size. I'd be in jail if I ever saw somebody abusing a child...I don't think I could control myself...

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    I don't get it at all.

    Aren't these kids supposed to be checked up on at all. Are they just given up to foster homes without any further intervention in their care by Child Protective Services?
    Aren't these people screened before they are allowed to foster a child?