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    Thumbs down Pope John Pauls miracle healing to be investigated!

    What do they think they'll find? Good heavens, nothing is sacred anymore and you cannot even have a healing based entirely on faith.


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    That's normal though. They are trying to make him a Saint. To be a Saint he first has to be Beautified and has to meet certain criteria for that. The first is theological soundness, then extreme holiness, and the performance of two miracles. If they can then verify all of that then they become Beautified and are called the Blessed "add name here" But to become a saint, they must be credited with two additional miracles.

    But many things go into the research to make someone a Saint. In his case, what he had to go through just to practice his faith, how he publicly forgave the man that shot him and how he embodied the virtues of faith, hope, charity and love with every act.

    Besides, they can't make a formal announcement until 5 years after his death.

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