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    Bumping this case up. It is an old one and it was actually solved, but it might contribute to solving other similar abductions of the time frame.

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    Upstate NY

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    This photo of Sally was supposedly taken in Atlantic City, after her abduction

    Sally after she was rescued

    Sally reunited with her mother

    Newspaper article

    Poor Sally survived her horrific ordeal but didn't have the chance to grow up. I can see (thanks to the post above mine) how much of the story was the basis for Lolita. It's a shame that the real story is often forgotten. May she rest in peace.

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    It's also telling in retrospect just how many children who very victimized in some way were sent to juvenile detention facilities (and in Sally's case, that was exactly what her abductor threatened her with) which seems like they are the ones who are punished. I'm not saying that they didn't get help there, but you have to wonder just how much help for abuse was available since it was a subject that wasn't really talked about in those days. And of course, we've learned about mistreatment and even death in institutions as well. You have to wonder if being sent to homes like this was actually beneficial to survivors like Sally.

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    This article by Sarah Weinman contains a lot of information about the case, including details of the car crash that claimed Sally's life. She was able to conduct phone interviews with a few of Sally's surviving relatives.


    La Salle actually had the nerve to send a spray of flowers to Sally's funeral! What a filthy old creep!

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