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    Alleged school plot shows need for awareness

    Jeanette M. Daily dropped off her business cards at The Strange Brew coffee shop near Greenwood in late February. She had no idea she'd end up analyzing her home turf, following a chilling incident at her former high school.

    Daily is a child behavior specialist. She grew up in Johnson County, graduating from Center Grove High School in 1983. Until five years ago, when she moved to Carmel, she lived in the Greenwood area.
    On Wednesday, the University of Indianapolis-trained therapist donned her professional and personal hats to tackle one of the more bizarre stories to come out of Johnson County -- an alleged plot by four Center Grove students to kill their principal and take the school's 2,250 pupils hostage. The boys claimed they were angry about being bullied by jocks and wanted money, according to police.

    "Disbelief," said Daily, 40, recalling her first reaction to the March 3 news. "This is where I grew up, where I was raised, where my father went to school."

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    From the Article
    About half insist there is no bullying at the school. "They say these kids (suspects) are just messed up" and they deserve swift, adult punishment."

    Are these people for real?? What school in La La land do their kids go to?
    EVERY school has bully's.

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    I agree, every school does have bullies. Some people may just choose to look the other way and ignore what's going on. How sad that these kids resorted to violence to try to solve their problem...hopefully they can get some help.

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