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    FL - Dressed in her school uniform, 11-year-old sold heroin, LE says

    SOUTH MIAMI, Florida (AP) -- An 11-year-old girl sold heroin on the street while dressed in her school uniform or even her pajamas, doing the bidding of her mother and a man who may be her stepfather, police said.

    Investigators and prosecutors will meet this week to decide whether to charge the girl, whose name has not been released. In the meantime, she and her 7-year-old sister have been turned over to the custody of the Department of Children & Families"

    It was disturbing," said police Sgt. Ruben Rodriguez. "Once we found out the real age of the child, we were in utter shock. ... We knew we were dealing with a baby, but we originally thought she was around 15."
    Police said they started watching the girl's home in October after receiving a tip. Officers said they saw the girl regularly selling $10 and $20 doses of heroin to drivers and pedestrians, sometimes dressed in her school uniform or pajamas. Undercover officers say also made purchases of their own.

    Experts say using a child as a dealer is rare but not unique.

    Full story from CNN

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    Girl won't be charged, mother faces child neglect charges


    I'm going to start petitioning for LICENSES for parenting. MY GOD

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