ORLANDO, Fla. -- Orlando detectives are investigating a possible link between the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse and a carjacking in Rosemont last week.

The victim was attacked in her driveway and pushed into her car. The single mother jumped out of the moving car after she heard one of the gunmen say he was going to kill her.

Kesse has been missing for 55 days and might have disappeared from the parking lot of her Orlando apartment complex.


I don't know if this has any connection, but they caught these two carjackers over the weekend.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Police have now identified two men who are facing charges in Orlando for a carjacking.

Police said Jean Joassin and Eujerson Vernelus carjacked a man who was washing his car on West Washington Street on Saturday. Police eventually caught them after they crashed into a tree.