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    Australia - Dianne Brimble, 42, dies of GHB OD on cruise ship, 23 Sept 2002

    EACH of these young men was yesterday named a "person of interest" at an inquest into the shocking death of a mother who was drugged and raped on a Pacific cruise ship.

    Dianne Brimble, 42, was allegedly plied with a lethal dose of a date-rape drug, then sexually assaulted and left to die on a cabin floor.

    Eight Adelaide men were shown in the photograph tendered yesterday at Glebe Coroners Court, snapped as they set off on a 10-day voyage aboard the P&O liner, Pacific Sky.

    Those "persons of interest" included Mark Robin Wilhelm, Matthew Graham Slade, Dragan Losic, Petar Vladimir Pantic, Ryan Kym Kuchel, Letterio Silvestri, Luigi Vitale and Sakelaros 'Charlie' Kambouris.

    The group had barely boarded the luxury ship on September 23, 2002, when their alleged predatory behaviour caused alarm among passengers.

    The court heard they later befriended the vivacious but "prudish" Mrs Brimble at the ship's Starlight Disco, where she danced and chatted into the night before leaving in their company.

    The men allegedly videotaped the Brisbane woman engaged in sex acts shortly before her death.

    Post morterm examination results revealed toxic levels of the drug gamma-hydroxybutyrate, also known as GHB, fantasy or liquid ecstasy.

    Mrs Brimble's travelling companion Nancy Chard yesterday told the inquest she "didn't like the look of" the men on the day she boarded the ship and warned her friend of the threat of drink-spiking.

    "They were kind of like kickboxers," Mrs Chard said, adding she noticed them"undressing (women) by looking".

    "I did warn Gamu and Di to stick together when they go out . . . make sure that their drinks were guarded because I just, I just didn't like the look of (the men)," she said. Later that night, Mrs Chard said she heard "screaming" and a loud "thud" coming from the men's cabins, but was too scared to investigate.

    After Mrs Brimble's death, Mrs Chard said she saw the men communicating with walkie-talkies. "It was almost like it was just a play thing. They have got no remorse," she said.

    Her friends described a "happy-go-lucky" but conservative mother-of-three who was opposed to drugs and casual sex. Other female passengers said the same men had burst into their cabins and made suggestions of lewd conduct.


    This is one of the worst stories I have read .they gave her so much of the drug she was frothing at the mouth ,they took photos of her and then showed them around to other men. google her name and read some of the other stories its horrific.these lowlife scum arent under arrest yet.

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    thats terrible!!!

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    Absolutely disgusting! What is the world coming to when people act like animals. These jackals will hopefully fry!! They're too f***ing stupid to even cover their tracks.

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    I came across this article the other day and didn't realize at first that it happend quite a while ago. I thought it was recent but it isn't. It actually happened almost 4 years ago. I don't know how this one slipped by when it happened. There is a thread on here about deaths on cruise ships but I had never seen this one until these articles surfaced recently.

    "The group had barely boarded the luxury ship on September 23, 2002, when their alleged predatory behaviour caused alarm among passengers."
    Retired 08/03/03

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    I can't say for sure but my daughter was scheduled to cruise in April and she cancelled. Of course, I was filling her in on all the happenings on these ships. She would never admit that I influenced her but it is one less thing to worry about.

    Thanks to all for making me more aware.

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    Found this tonight....an update on this POS.


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