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    TX - Chase Chamberlain, 2, beaten to death, Grand Prairie, 29 Dec 2005

    I'm at a loss. So preventable...and mom should not be allowed to get away scott-free. She is surely equally guilty.


    The Dallas Morning News. Not sure if you need to register but if so:

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    This makes my heart sick with grief for all these children. I have to think about this some more but surely people shouldn't be allowed to have children without a license and a qualifying course. Maybe home ec should be changed to reality situations.I don't know but the dependence on losers is something to consider.

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    What is the deal with Child Protective Services? There is just no excuse for this. The mother should be held responsible too! Poor little guy.

    Snips from the long article posted by cathieq:

    Grand Prairie police arrested Shane Barnett, saying he killed the 2-year-old.

    Seventeen months earlier, police in Denton County and child advocates appointed by the state strongly suspected Mr. Barnett had violently twisted the boy's leg until it snapped.

    While Chase lay in a body cast, Lewisville and Denton County sheriff's investigators squabbled over jurisdiction. In the end, no case was ever filed.

    Chase was returned to his mother, Jennifer Yarbrough, who within months moved back in with her boyfriend Mr. Barnett. Child Protective Services said it found no reason to take custody of Chase.

    On the afternoon of Dec. 29, Mr. Barnett showed up at a Grand Prairie fire station, carrying Chase's lifeless body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by concernedperson
    This makes my heart sick with grief for all these children. I have to think about this some more but surely people shouldn't be allowed to have children without a license and a qualifying course. Maybe home ec should be changed to reality situations.I don't know but the dependence on losers is something to consider.
    My continued thoughts exactly.

    WHY do we have to get a license for driving? Or having a motorboat? Or being a doctor? Or whatever????

    WHY??? TO make certain we have the capability to function safely in the world around us. SO WHY do we not have MANDATORY license for families? It would mean a great deal of parenting classes and a variety tests. But isn't our future worth it? Or do we just ignore it all and continue raising future pedophiles & serial killers?

    NO I'm not stating that all pedophiles and serial killers are the result of parenting but I'm most certain it has a great deal to do with how they adapt in society even with a mental deficit. Without nurture.... our brain SIMPLY DOES NOT WIRE CERTAIN KEY AREAS AT CERTAIN KEY TIMES.

    Even Ted Bundy's mom always felt guilty for leaving him at 9 months old in a hospital room for ??? 3 weeks for some illness. She remembers his sobbing cries as she had to leave the room. She remembers taking him home after that and she said even then, his eyes seemed dead. He was unresponsive, quiet and withdrawn. Nothing like the child she took there.

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sorry for the book

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    Shane Bennett

    Housed: Coffield
    Sentence Date: 10/12/2007

    Offense: Murder
    Sentence: 30 year

    Maximum Sentence Date: 12/29/2035

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    When looking at the story originally linked above, I noticed a list of recently murdered children in Texas. So, I'm copying from the article and responding to each.

    In the past four months, at least seven toddlers other than Chase Chamberlain have been killed while staying with relatives, baby sitters or boyfriends in North Texas. In several cases, CPS was previously involved with the family.

    March 7 –Two-year-old Marylou Leija of Lewisville died after relatives called 911 and said she was choking. Her father, Jorge Leija, was arrested in connection with his daughter's death. Child Protective Services took custody of Marylou at birth after she tested positive for drugs. A judge awarded custody to the girl's father in November 2004.

    Jorge Leija

    Housed: Ferguson
    Sentence Date: 10/03/2006

    Offense: Injury to a Child
    Sentence: 45 years

    Maximum Release Date: 03/06/2051

    March 6 – Eight-month-old Brooke Martinez of Fort Worth died two days after she was hospitalized with a head injury. Police arrested Germaine Martinez, who is married to Brooke's half sister. A judge allowed CPS to place Brooke with the couple in December. Mr. Martinez told police the child fell.

    I have not been able to locate information on this case yet.

    Feb. 24 – Twenty-one- month-old Rowyn Clark died a day after she was injured while in the care of her Mesquite baby sitter. She had blunt force head injuries. Tiffany Harper was arrested on suspicion of capital murder. She told police that a piece of furniture fell on the toddler.

    Tiffany Michelle Harper

    Housed: Murray
    Sentence Date: 05/18/2007

    Offense: Injury to a Child-SBI
    Sentence: 75 years

    Maximum Release Date: 02/24/2081

    Feb. 24 – Seven-month-old Jaidyn Silva died while in the care of Isaiah Nunez of Irving. Jaidyn's mother had left him with a baby sitter – Mr. Nunez's girlfriend – who, in turn, turned him over to Mr. Nunez. The girlfriend told police she needed her boyfriend to watch Jaidyn while she looked for a job. Jaidyn died from blunt force head injuries. Mr. Nunez told investigators the baby fell.

    Isaiah Nunez

    Housed: Beto
    Sentence Date: 05/16/2007

    Offense: Capital Murder-Child Under 6
    Sentence: LWOP

    Feb. 23 –Nineteen-month- old Brian Alberto Tovar- Hernandez died from blunt force head injuries in Dallas. The boy's uncle Roberto Murillo Avila was being held on a capital murder charge, and Mr. Avila's wife, Norma Hernandez, was charged with injury to a child. The boy's parents left him with the couple a month before. Apartment complex employees said they witnessed neglect but did not call CPS.

    Robert Murillo Avila

    Housed: Bill Clements
    Sentence Date: 03/27/2008

    Offense: Murder
    Sentence: LWOP

    Feb. 9 – Three-month-old Nicholas Rhea Hoffert in Cleburne died shortly after he was struck, authorities say, by the man who was adopting him and his twin brother. David Michael Giddens was arrested, accused of injuring the child. The Johnson County medical examiner's office has not yet ruled on the case. In the meantime, CPS took custody of Nicholas' brother. CPS had investigated and cleared the family in 2002.

    David Michael Giddens

    Housed: Coffield
    Sentence Date: 02/22/2007

    Offense: Capital Murder
    Offense: Injury by Omission
    Sentence: LWOP

    Dec. 28 – Eighteen-month- old Gabrielle Newsome died in Oak Cliff. Police said she had bruises, and the medical examiner ruled she died from homicidal violence. Her father, Andre Dion Harris, was being held at the Dallas County Jail on suspicion of capital murder.

    Andre Dion Harris

    Housed: Robertson
    Sentence Date: 09/18/2006

    Offense: Murder
    Sentence: 50 years

    Maximum Release Date: 12/28/2055

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