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    AZ - Cookie Jacobson, 49, Tempe, 21 Sept 1998

    This case has always repulsed and saddened me...might not be the right forum for it but here it is.

    Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
    Missing Since: September 21, 1998 from Tempe, Arizona
    Classification: Endangered Missing
    Date Of Birth: September 16, 1949
    Age: 49 years old
    Height and Weight: 5'4, 145 pounds
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Light brown hair, hazel eyes. Cookie has a surgical scar on her knee. Her ears are pierced.
    Clothing Description: A knee-length blue denim nightshirt, a gold wedding band and a gold necklace with a Hebrew love symbol-shaped pendant.

    Details of Disappearance
    Cookie was last seen during the evening hours of September 21, 1998 inside her residence in Tempe, Arizona. She has never been heard from again. All of her personal belongings were located inside of her home.

    Authorities believe Cookie's then-fifteen-year-old son, Aaron Jacobson, murdered his mother that night and was assisted in the disposal of his mother's remains by his thirteen-year-old sister, Laura. Investigators think that Cookie's children placed her body in a trash can behind their house in the Butterfield Station Landfill south of Phoenix, Arizona. An extensive, two-month-long search of the Butterfield Station Landfill was conducted, but no evidence was located. Blood was, however, found in a trash container outside Cookie's home.

    Cookie's children have never been charged in connection with her presumed murder. Ten days after her disappearance, Aaron confessed that he had found her dead in bed and Laura helped him dispose of her body. One of Aaron's friend stated that Aaron and Laura had wanted to kill their mother. In addition, Aaron failed a polygraph about his mother's disappearance. Aaron was arrested for second-degree murder and Laura for facilitation to commit second-degree murder, but the lack of other evidence forced investigators to let them go within hours and continue working the case. Aaron and Laura, who still live with their father in the same home Cookie lived in, remain the prime suspects in her presumed homicide. Authorities believe Cookie's body is in the Butterfield Station Landfill, even though they did not find it there. Investigators announced that they received a tip vital to the case in May 2003, but they did not release any details about what they had been told. Cookie's case remains unsolved.

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    Where was the father in all of this? I can't believe they can't charge these kids with SOMETHING. Luckily there is no statute of limatations on murder...

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    This month will mark 12 years that Cookie has been missing.

    I searched the archives and found some very chilling and disturbing info in the articles.

    16 OCT 1998 (note: this is scanned off center, just move the page over to the left and you will see the highlighted area it's in yellow)

    17 OCT 1998

    Just a snippet of an article, one sentence really, but I thought it was interesting enough to bring here. One of the LE officers was reprimanded for not submitting the missing persons paperwork for Cookie in a timely manner. It's a weird link, you have to scroll to bottom of page.

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    Here is a more recent article about Cookie:


    It is troubling to me that the son and daughter have lived in society the past 12 years, getting away with murdering their mother. It is also troublesome that noone knows where they are.

    For a boy to kill his own mother, he has to be a psychopath, which means he could kill again. I think the sister was an unwitting accomplice. JMO

    Off topic, it is interesting to me that someone out there would have her same name, which I thought would be more unique. When I googled her, I found a Cookie Jacobson working in PA.

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    Aaron and Laura are the sole suspects.

    "Missing woman's brother pleads for tips in 17-year-old case"


    "It baffles me that both of them can live in the fear that something could turn up any day and not simply want to get it over with and be done with it and tell the truth," O'Neal said.

    Five years after Jacobson disappeared, police received an anonymous tip. O'Neal said they had hoped to hear back from that person, but so far have not.

    O'Neal said he has no interest in speaking with his niece and nephew.

    "I would like to hear the truth one day, but I would prefer hearing that on tape," he said. "I don't need to see them."

    Investigators said Aaron and Laura remain the sole suspects, and they want to hear from anyone with information.

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    I wonder where the father was when Cookie disappeared. A competent interrogator should have been able to get a confession IMO.
    "...And the villagers never liked you
    They are dancing and stamping on you
    They always knew it was you."

    Sylvia Plath

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    What a horrible case...I wonder what has become of the son and daughter. They moved away obviously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lavender Moon View Post
    I wonder where the father was when Cookie disappeared. A competent interrogator should have been able to get a confession IMO.
    I'm curious as well about where the father was when this happened. In the first post, it says that the three of them continued to live in the same house after Cookie disappeared. I wonder what alternative theory they offered (assuming one was given) to what happened to her.

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    Still missing: Tempe woman still missing after 18 years, children 'person of interest'
    August 14, 2016


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    Crime Watch Daily investigates disappearance of Phoenix woman Cookie Jacobson - November

    During the search, detectives notice something strange about Cookie's son, Aaron: His absence.

    "The reporters that spoke to me had said, you know, we find it unusual that Aaron doesn't want to really help in this search for his mother," said Det. Reed.

    It puts Aaron on police radar, with looming questions. Why would the 16-year-old have anything to do with his mother's disappearance?
    "Aaron told me that he woke up that morning late for school," said Reed. "He walks into his mother's bedroom and he finds her dead in bed. He said that he then went to his sister and told her that he needed help in wrapping her body in a yellow sheet and getting rid of the body by putting it into a trashcan located in the alley. And he said that she complied."

    Cops then question little sister Laura about her alleged involvement.

    "I can tell you that she was only 13 years old," said Det. Reed. "She was confused, she was afraid, maybe she had been threatened."
    With search warrant in hand, detectives descend on the family home, where pieces of a deadly puzzle are found.

    "Two trashcans were used in transporting her body to the alley," said Reed. "And we were able to find a substance, a bloody-type substance in the bottom of each of those trashcans. Later on, DNA analysis showed to us that was the blood of Cookie Jacobson."

    What they don't find in the alley, or anywhere else near the home, is Cookie Jacobson.

    And though police think they have a case against the children, it's not enough for the district attorney.
    So more than 30 police and city workers sift through 8,000 tons of trash at the Butterfield Landfill several miles away in search of Cookie's remains.

    "I regret to say we never found it," said Reed.

    Cookie's brother traveled from California to see the horrific place where police say his sister was dumped.

    "Once a year I drive by that landfill on my way to Yuma, and I look as I drive by I look out the car window and I know Cookie is there," said Reed. "Her body is there. That is her final resting place. It is not the place she'd want to be. I can tell you that. It is not."

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