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    EPA study- pesticides in children

    anyone else hear about this?? supposedly a study was done recently that measured the pesticides in the blood of a group of children after eating produce from non-organic food-- and after a week or so, their levels were sky-high. and then after only a FEW DAYS of eating all organic, it went down dramatically.

    why isn't this is the mainstream news (or have i just not seen it)...? and since when do we have the technology to measure how much pesticides are in our bloodstream? and, why isn't this technology available to everyone....?

    and they say that organic is no different than regular food, & that it's just a big scam...! yeah, right. well i'd rather be safe than sorry.

    you gotta wonder how much this is contributing to cancer, mental/nervous/behavioral disorders, birth defects, & all sorts of other problems.

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    I read somewhere awhile ago that they tested pregnant women and found chemicals in their systems like from plastic wrap and fumes from filling their cars with gas. It's scary to think that this was all passed on to their kids, and who knows if it causes cancer.

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