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    OH - Fake Road Block in Hilliard, Ohio


    The women were headed east on Walker Road in Hilliard and had just turned onto Alton and Darby Creek Road when something caught their attention.

    "Creep up a little way and then all of a sudden, you see these barrels," Pascol said.

    The orange barrels were on both sides of the road, with something that looked like tape across the road. The women were concerned enough to stop driving.

    Pascol's instincts were to stop, get out of the car and move the barrels, but her friend had a feeling that something was not right.

    "I'm again saying, 'No, I'll get out and move them. I don't want you to scratch up your car.' (She said,) 'No, don't get out.' And just as soon as we did that, to her side, I could only see the feet, but she saw them," she said.

    The women saw two men wearing stocking caps lying in the field next to the road.

    "I just automatically assumed they were dead. Somebody killed them and put them there, but she could see the one looked up at her and then had been looking at the cars that were coming towards us," Pascol said.

    Pascol said she believes the traffic that Sunday morning saved them from a carjacking, robbery or worse.

    The women turned around, called 911 and when police arrived, officers found the orange barrels, but nothing else.

    Pascol said the weeks since the incident have been uneasy.

    "It just really unnerves you that stuff like that is going on around here," she said.

    The deputies who moved the barrels did not take a report because no crime had actually been committed.
    Officials urge motorists to look for road closed signs, and if a road would be temporarily closed, law enforcement would likely be present.

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    I am so thankful they got away...

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    You know... I don't know if I would have had the presence of mind to look around... I'm not sure I would have moved the barrels though.

    Wouldn't blocking a public road be a crime... or at least a fine?

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    Thank goodness her friend had a bad feeling about it and told her not to get out.

    And I think the police darn well should have made a report on it. And the whole area needs to be aware of this. No telling what would have happened to the women if the crooks plan had worked. Nothing good that's for sure.

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