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This is an update on the article I posted on march.If you or a loved one attended a Vermont College from 2002 until now please read this.At first it was thought that the laptop effected only the ones in the
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This laptop was stolen from the Vermonter on vacation in Montreal.
As far as I know,this has only been reported in the Vermont media.This is important.

On February 25th, an employee of Vermont State Colleges had her car broken into while she was on vacation in Montreal. A company laptop was taken in the burglary. This laptop contained emails and email attachments dating back to 2002-- that could contain personal data for more than 20,000 people.
Students and Employees of VSC may have had information such as their social security numbers, salary information, and bank account numbers compromised-- but it's important to note that there have been no reported cases of identity theft so far connected to the burglary.

"Initially we thought it was a problem for the employee, not the VSC. The employee didn't know what was on the laptop. We had to conduct this investigation which was complicated," said Karrin Wilks, the Vice President of Academic and Strategic Planning at Vermont State Colleges.

Wilks continued, "For students, it would be what we call admissions information, so as indicated in our updates, name, address, social security number, and some academic information like SAT scores. For employees, the most potentially sensitive data would be around payroll information which includes name, address, social security number, but also salary amounts, withholding amounts, and for those with direct deposit, as we said, banking information."

Despite the potential ramifications, the employee who was in charge of the laptop did not violate any school policies.

The irony here is that the employee who had the laptop stolen is a senior member of the Information Technology group at VSC, the department responsible for making sure that this kind of data remains safe and secure

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