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    FL - Fred Sule on trial in the murder of Dorene Domato

    FORT PIERCE Coleman Fred Sule has been found guilty of murder.

    Sule, 53, has been convicted of strangling to death Dorene Domato, 50, in her Port St. Lucie home and setting her body on fire to erase evidence on Aug. 19, 2003. He could get the death penalty.

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    FORT PIERCE Dorene Domato was the kind of person who liked to stay in close touch with her friends. She regularly talked to her brother and sister-in-law in Tallahassee by phone, had long talks with a potential new boyfriend in Stuart and stayed close to a former co-worker from Burdines. When she stopped answering their calls on Aug. 29, 2003, they became concerned; by the next day, they were frightened for her life.
    "She was attacked in her house. She was beaten. She was strangled with the leash she used to walk her dog," said Assistant State Attorney Lynn Park in her opening statement. Park said Sule snuck into Domato's carport and into her attic, which led to the bedroom, where he waited until she got home.

    Sule allegedly set her body on fire with gasoline to cover up the crime, Park said.
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    Jury recommends life sentence for killer Coleman Fred Sule


    Though prosecutors pushed for death, they said the jury worked hard and they respected the final outcome. Assistant State Attorney Lynn Park said she felt Sule's comment, "I'll be back," showed that "Fred Sule will not take responsibility for his actions. He's not man enough to face up to it," she said.

    "As long as he remains in prison ... he will never, ever give up trying to get out of prison either by escape or other means," said Assistant State Attorney Chris Taylor.

    Jurors who could be reached Tuesday declined to comment.

    Sule was found guilty last Thursday of strangling Domato, 50, in her Port St. Lucie home and setting the body on fire in an attempt to cover up the crime. He was also found guilty of trying to frame a neighbor of hers for the murder and have that man killed. Prosecutors presented a brief case in support of the death penalty Monday, arguing that the premeditated nature of Sule's actions, the heinous, atrocious and cruel manner of Domato's death and the fact he committed arson and burglary in the course of killing her supported execution. The defense claimed the murder showed signs of a man in a jealous rage, not premeditation, and argued Sule's past life as a hard-working father should help spare his life.,00.html
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    Sule's son was later stabbed to death in a road rage incident. From an August 2008 article about that case:

    The father of Christopher and Craig Sule has been serving two consecutive life sentences for the 2003 killing of Dorene Domato, who was strangled then set on fire in her Port St. Lucie home...

    Christopher and Craig Sule's brother, Coleman Sule III, later pleaded guilty to charges of solicitation to tamper with evidence and conspiracy to commit burglary, after helping to come up with a plan to frame one of Domato's neighbors, who was a witness in the case. He received a sentence of three years in jail and two years' probation, according to court records.

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