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    FL - waitress may have stolen $50,000 from customers

    This makes you not want to use a credit card!

    STUART</B> ó A former waitress at Red Lobster in Jensen Beach is accused of using a "skimming" machine to obtain about 51 credit card numbers from customers, costing their owners almost $50,000 in fraudulent charges.
    Malisa Norman, of Port St. Lucie, appeared in federal court Wednesday to face charges that she used a small, black box to capture the credit card numbers of restaurant customers, then passed them to an associate in West Palm Beach.


    The investigation began when federal investigators were contacted by an investigator from American Express, who learned of the possible fraud. In all, $4,754 was stolen from American Express, $16,908.52 from Citibank and $28,198.50 from Discover.
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    Sure glad they put a stop to this. I wonder how she actually did this?

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    I used to own a convenience store.I attended many seminars held by the police about such frauds.The machine they use is like a mini debit machine they keep close to them at the cash registers.They run your card through the regular machine and than through the second one,they do it so quick the customer never has a clue.The numbers are stored and they make new cards with these numbers.
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