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    Skunk Begs for Help!


    Poor skunk! I have heard of this happening to baby skunks with Yoplait containers. Wildlife groups have asked Yoplait to change the shape of the container, but the company refuses.

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    Poor little thing.

    i'm so glad he got help, bless.

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    Good story. I hate to see animals in distress. Thank goodness for these kind people who helped him out.

    Animals are smarter than we think. He knew they could help him. And for those few minutes a wild creature and humans worked together towards the same outcome.

    It really is a heart warming story.

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    Awww poor thing! Glad he had help!

    Litter makes me angry! That and folks who don't put their dogs up and they get in my garbage! I try very hard to not produce very much but it's hard to keep it contained with this brute living next door to me.

    Then things like this happen.

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    Thanks much Shadow for posting that. I found, fed then released 4 baby skunks several years ago. They are very personable and smart. I avoided bonding with them so they would stay wild. I still have my pics of them for memories....Thanks again for posting that. I love happy stories.

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