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    OH - Man Convicted in teen stepdaughter Syringe Rape Case

    AKRON, Ohio — A man accused of impregnating his teenage stepdaughter with a syringe eight years ago was convicted Monday of rape.

    The jury in the retrial of John Goff, 44, found that he forced Shenna Grimm to be inseminated with his sperm when she was 16, at a time when her mother could no longer conceive.

    Jurors also convicted Goff of sexual battery and child endangering, said Jason Adams, a staff attorney for the judge who presided over the trial.

    Goff was convicted in 2002 of the same charges and sentenced to 20 years in prison, but last June an appeals court overturned the convictions, saying a detective's testimony about statements by Goff's wife should not have been allowed.

    In the 1990s, John Goff and his wife, Narda, campaigned for a tougher state rape law. Their activism was sparked by the acquittal of a man accused of molesting Grimm. At the time, the law required intercourse for a rape charge.


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    How ironic that the laws Goff (and his wife) sought to change ended up leading to his conviction.

    I'd be interesting in knowing more about the wife's
    (and mother's) part in this crime.

    People never cease to amaze!

    Thanks for the interesting post, dark_shadows!

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    Goff and his wife and Grimm's mother, Narda Goff, testified that the insemination was the daughter's idea. They told jurors that Goff supplied the semen that Narda Goff delivered to Grimm, who inseminated herself.

    Yeah, right. At 16 she had the unselfish idea to inseminate herself because her mother could no longer conceive. Sounds a bit weak and a lot stupid.

    I think they both are going to get what they deserve. The daughter raised the child, a boy, for a year before giving him up for adoption. I hope she gets past this and has a normal life one day.

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