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    Germany - Sabine Hilschenz charged with killing 8 newborns, 1988-1998

    OMG... and she "buried" them in flower pots to keep them nearby. She also has 3 grown children and one child that is 2.

    She claims she only knows of 2 born alive and she let die. The others, she stated she was in such a drunken stupor that she has no memory of what happened after she gave birth.

    WHY NOT just feed this BEECH to the wild dogs.
    Jail is FAR TOO HUMANE.


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    I saw this elsewhere today and could not believe it then and can't believe it now.

    This part really gets me-"I did not kill them deliberately. I just left them alone and didn't take care of them," Um, what did she think would happen? What are the chances she uses a post-pardum depression defense?

    Makes me want to cry. Those poor baby's!

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    Oh, this broad is just plain bonkers. She belongs in an institution rather than a prison.

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    That's really awful! The husband traveled a lot and didn't know she was pregnant? Well, he must have been home every now-and-then considering how many times she was pregnant. And no one questioned what happened to the babies? Someone had to have seen her pregnant. A neighbor...a family member.

    She does sound nuts.

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    I just can't believe this. I'm at a lose for words.

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    This makes me sick!! I don't give a rats A$$ about her alocohol and family troubles- she needs to be locked up !!

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    This beech needs deserves death penalty...
    So many loving parents want children , and someone like this this monstor gave birth over and over again to kill them? Just not right.

    'I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love' . Mother Teresa

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    Beech don't deserve a trial........flipping azz crazy!

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    Those poor babies

    She's heartless!
    I can't believe someone would do this to their own babies.
    If I didn't see this on ABCnews.com, I wouldn't have believed it.
    It sounds like something made up from the tabloids.
    Very very sad that it's a true story, unfortunately.
    Rest in Peace to my best buddy and baby, Buster ~ He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Jan. 3, 2011. I miss you, Buster and love you with all my being.

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    This situation happens quite a bit, if you read the papers and case histories. I don't know if they have a name for it. Back in ancient Greece it was called "exposure".

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    I can't understand women doing this. I look at mine and can't imagine hurting them and when I read some of the stories on here about other peoples children it makes me sick to think about it.

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    "The woman said she then began drinking heavily to banish the vision of her "blue faced" baby from her mind. She did not consider getting abortions over the years because of fears that a doctor would discover her prior births."

    She obviously did not consider birth control either. What a twisted woman. She shouldn't see the light of day again.


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    I have no knowledge of her local laws regarding contraception, but one has to wonder why that was not in the picture here. Hello? We know what causes that now...

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    From June 2006:


    A woman who killed eight of her newborn babies, burying them in flowerpots and a fish tank, was jailed for 15 years yesterday in the worst case of infanticide in modern German history.

    Sabine Hilschenz, 40, an unemployed dental assistant from east Germany, was given the maximum sentence after a court found her guilty of eight counts of manslaughter.

    She was suspected of the death of a ninth child in 1988, but the statute of limitations did not allow the case to be tried.

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