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    IL - Dan Young, exonerated in '90 murder, dies in hit & run, 2006

    Dan Young Jr. had a $150,000 check in his name awaiting the governor's signature the price the state put on the nearly 13 years he spent in prison for murder before DNA testing cleared him. Young, though, will never cash that check.

    He died Thursday, hours after being struck by a hit-and-run driver as he walked on the city's South Side.

    Young, 45, had been a free man for just over a year.


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    I wonder if someone did it on purpose.

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    Thats terrible......

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    Why the delay in giving him the check? He was exonerated, out of prison - he should have been given that money right away - it's just so sad that he's not only lost 13 years of his life, but that he died before he could at least have a little fun with that money.

    I'd also wonder if it was deliberate - a lot of times, the victims friends or family or others will have a hard time believing they were wrong, and that the convicted man is innocent, and stay in denial instead, believe he's still guilty.

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    Sounds like "Steven Stayner" that was kidnapped at age 7 and brutally molested and raped and all...............

    when he was "returned" to his family, he was never the same. Desperately tried to have a "normal" family and died in a "hit and run" motorcycle accident 22 yrs old.

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    Very sad!!

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