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    Student told he looked like Bin Laden, expelled


    This poor kid was told by a "motivational speaker" that he looked like bin Laden. So he got pissed and said that if he was bin Laden, he would have "pulled a Columbine." Then he got expelled. Um, what the hell? If this was my kid I'd be so mad--at the speaker, AND at the school. Seems like the school has come to its senses, albeit a bit late.

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    More interesting was that the motivational speaker told him he looked like bin Laden..what a dork! how motivational! lol!

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    I "smell" a lawsuit........

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    Johnson will also get a letter of apology from the motivational speaker.

    Awww how good of him, a whole letter, the jerk! What kind of speaker belittles their audience? I thought it was about building up instead of tearing down.

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    Sigh...... kids these days need a thicker skin. Yeah, it was not cool that the speaker said that but come on. I know I will be allone in this thought but the whole thing almost seems funny to me. Maybe Bush should send the troops to this kids house, he may have the WMDs
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    A motivational speaker who has to use "You look like Bin Laden" isn't worth his/her salt. The school should get their money back.

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