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    MA - Dominique Samuels, 19, slain, body burned, Boston, 28 April 2006

    I didn't see this posted anywhere.

    BOSTON -- Police fanned out across a swath of the city yesterday seeking any clue into the unfathomable murder of a sweet young woman with no known enemies and a lifelong history of staying out of trouble.
    An elderly man spotted the remains of 19-year-old former Milton High School cheerleader Dominique Samuels lying face down on the ground in Franklin Park at 6:21 a.m. Sunday. She had been dragged behind the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital near 170 Morton St., and her body set ablaze.


    So sad, and no one reported her missing. This article says that she was troubled before her death:


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    This makes me so sad and angry at the same time. I am so tired of these sicko's running around out there hurting our little girls.. I hope they catch this guy and he never makes to the jail. He gave up his right to live among decent people and needs to vacate the planet as soon as possible.

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    There's a myspace page dedicated to her:

    There is a slideshow of some young ladies; I'm assuming one of them is her.
    (I will never understand why it is necessary for people to use such terrible language when communicating......)

    I'm curious why there has been so little media coverage on this....

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    Prosecutor relates how victim fought her attacker

    Prosecutors say that the man who killed Milton High School graduate Dominique Samuels flew into a rage after she had rebuffed his sexual advances, strangled her with his bare hands, and then dragged her body to her third-floor room, where it lay undiscovered for two days.

    Then the man, Rodrick J. Taylor, returned under cover of darkness and carried her body to a wooded spot in Franklin Park, doused her body and clothes with an accelerant, and set them afire to try to destroy incriminating evidence, the prosecutor said yesterday.

    More @ link

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    I don't understand why noone noticed her DEAD body in her room for two days!!!

    If her family was so "close" and "tight knit", why didn't they report her missing?
    Any why would they let her live in that rooming house anyway? How can a whole house of people not notice a dead person in the room next to them?!?!?!

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    From the get-go, I suspected Taylor...lengthy criminal record, stayed with his cousin downstairs sometimes, his talk about how beautiful she was. He knew her through his cousin, a former classmate of Dominique's. I've been keeping up with this case wondering why there is so little media coverage.

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    The state’s highest court has left intact the second-degree murder conviction of Rodrick J. Taylor, who strangled 19-year-old Dominque Samuels in their Roxbury rooming house and then set her body on fire in Franklin Park to eliminate forensic evidence.

    In a unanimous ruling, the Supreme Judicial Court ruled Friday that the evidence connecting Taylor to the April 28, 2006, death of the Milton High School graduate justified a jury decision to convict him of second-degree murder, which carries a sentence of life with possibility of parole after 15 years.

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