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    Police Officer Murdered in Windsor, Ontario

    Senior Constable John Atkinson, age 37, was murdered in broad daylight (about 2 pm), Friday, May 5, in a convenience-store parking lot in a residential section of Windsor while investigating narcotics trafficking there. He was working undercover. He leaves behind a wife, and two young children. This is the first EVER murder of a police officer in Windsor's 120+ year history as a city. Two 18 year old ****s are in custody for the horrific crime....Constable Atkinson managed to pursue these men, and fire at then while mortally wounded; witnesses saw blood streaming from his mouth...Experts say it was impossible to say how he could function as he did, to pursue these men ithe way he did while dying...

    Since I am close to Canada, it was very poignant and interesting to hear how Canadians handle an event like this vs. here in the US. For one thing, they were horrified, in a much deeper way than we are here when such an event occurs. I think that Canadians have not yet been desensitized to murder the wy we have been here...They have been playing tributes and long press releases for the officer and his family on every radio and TV station. Every neighborhood in Windsor is signing condolence books to be given to the officer's family. This morning, a seasoned radio news announcer broke down on air when she had to recap what happened...

    This guy was seasoned, and had done some excellent police work. Unfortunately, this meant that (in Canada), he often worked alone...Yikes...

    Here is some links to the story...I am so upset about this...

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    The poor children to have lost their father! We just lost an officer in Philadelphia this past Monday; he was buried today, in fact. He also left behind two children and a wife. It seems that there are a lot of fallen officers lately. Something's gotta' give.

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