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    MA - 5 y.o. boy sexually assaulted, Cape Cod

    Link to article that includes sketch of suspect. Victim staying at hotel on Cape Cod and police believe the teenage suspect is also from out of state and has left the area. Scroll about halfway down for story.

    Link to story on Cape Cod Times site

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    OK this is why we don't let 5 YO's go to the bathroom ALONE!!!!!

    I have 3 boys and no problem whatsoever opening the mens room door making sure its empty and standing gaurd until my child is done.
    I have told people "NO, you will have to wait until my son is done" And blocked the door ..

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    Good for you Amraann , wish all mothers would do this . I'ts guarding your child .

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    I can't get the story, but I can imagine what happened from the comments. This is my worst fear... I told my husband that we cannot allow the boys into bathrooms alone EVER. I told him that if we go on a trip and hubby is with us, HE takes them to the bathroom, or they go with me into the womens. It's just too dangerous otherwise.

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    I agree... I am too paranoid to let my younger boys into the bathroom alone... My oldest son is 8 and is has been going in alone now, but it jsut completely terrifies me... I have been known to call his name from outside of the mens room door if I think he is taking too long... He gets a little embarassed.

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