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    CO - Natalie Mirabal, 24, found decapitated, Longmont, 26 Sept 1999

    I was hoping that someone out there would be able to help me find the title of a Forensic Files episode. The case is about Natalie Mirabal who was murdered by her husband then decapitated. She had a three month old baby girl. The case is quite similar in detail to the Laci Peterson murder.
    I have contacted Courttv and can't get anyone to e-mail me back.
    The location was Boulder Colorado. The prosecuting attorney was Alex Hunter - Jon Benet Ramsey.
    Matthew Mirabal recieved life in prison. If this rings a bell to anyone, please let me know.

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    I just googled her name and "forensic files"... here is the only link I found that worked. I can't find anything about forensic files, though.


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    I had never heard of this case... but I did find quite a bit of info on it at this link:


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    Boulder News

    Thanks for looking both of you. The Boulder news anounced last November that Forensic Files was going to air a show on November 9th about the case.
    I guess it had been on another program two years before that. I missed both of them!!

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