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    CA - John Donovan, 59, San Jacinto Mountains, 6 May 2005

    IDYLLWILD, California (AP) --

    Two lost hikers who survived three nights in the frigid San Jacinto Mountains said they stumbled upon the campsite of a man who vanished a year ago and were able to scavenge food, clothes and matches from his backpack.

    Brandon Day and Gina Allen were rescued Tuesday after searchers spotted smoke from a fire the Dallas, Texas, couple had started.

    Day, 28, and Allen, 24, were in Southern California for a financial convention. They got lost west of Palm Springs when they wandered off a trail near the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway during what was supposed to be a day hike. (Watch the relieved couple and the terrain where they wandered -- 1:24)
    As Day thanked their rescuers later Tuesday, he said he and Allen were also grateful to the backpack's owner, John Donovan, a retired Virginia social worker who disappeared during a hike in May 2005.


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    Wow..what a story. Makes you think someone is looking out for you from above, doesn't it?

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    Their finding his campsite saved them and in turn it gave searchers an area to search to hopefully find his remains.

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    Does anyone know what happened to the hiker who vanished?
    Was he ever found?
    Justice for Jonbenet!

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    Wow, praise the Lord!!!! I hope they at least find the remains of the other camper, but I am guessing an animal got him, either before or after death.

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    These two were very lucky! What an amazing story. Now I hope that the missign mans remains will be found.

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    Feature article from October 2006:


    No one will ever be sure how John Donovan spent his last days on earth. What is nearly certain is that on May 6, 2005, as a blizzard dumped 8 inches of snow on Southern California’s Mt. San Jacinto, Donovan was trapped on the flanks of the 10,834-foot peak under an ocean of blinding whiteness.

    At the time, he was just 5 days shy of his 60th birthday. He had an enlarged heart, which made breathing – and often even thinking clearly – difficult at altitude. He was lost and alone. A veteran hiker who was nonetheless a notoriously bad navigator, Donovan had strayed from the Pacific Crest Trail, which he was thru-hiking. He carried no useful maps, nor a compass. He was traveling ultralight, using a tarp in lieu of a tent and socks in place of gloves, and he had few provisions. And he’d headed into the storm against the advice of altitude-savvy backpackers...

    Donovan’s body lay just 50 yards from Day and Allen. Though they never saw it, it was just downstream, by a 20-foot waterfall, in a pool set amid birches and mossy green rocks... Three weeks later, rescue personnel returned on a different mission, and a voice crackled over the radio: “We’ve got a body in the water.”
    And in December 2006, Day and Allen told their story to D Magazine:


    “The ad for the tram was three lines,” Brandon says. “‘Enjoy spectacular views, there’s a gift shop, restaurant, and bar.’ In all those newspaper stories and on TV afterward, they kept calling us day hikers. People would ask, ‘Why weren’t you prepared?’ My standard joke was ‘Well, I had my wallet. How else do you prepare for a bar?’”

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