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    FL - Roommates Helpless As Friend Gets Raped In Apartment

    Roommates Helpless As Friend Gets Raped In Apartment

    POSTED: 5:13 pm EDT May 12, 2006

    ORLANDO, Fla. -- Orlando Police are searching for a dangerous man they want off the streets immediately. They say he raped a woman, in her MetroWest apartment, while her roommates watched, helplessly.

    Police say the man followed the woman to the Marina Landing apartments on Westgate Boulevard, early this morning, and forced her into her apartment.
    Investigators say that the attack was so violent that the victim had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries.

    The victim's two roommates were forced to watch as she was raped by her assailant.

    Investigators say that the suspect followed the woman home in a car, from Kirkman Road, down Raleigh Drive, and then into the Marina Landing apartment complex.

    He then followed her to her apartment door, where he pushed his way inside, tried to rob her and then raped her.

    The victim's two roommates were home, but the suspect pointed a gun at them and threatened to kill both if they tried anything.

    Police say the suspect fled in an older model car with a particularly loud-sounding muffler.

    The suspect is Hispanic, approximately 23-years-old, five-feet, eight inches tall and about 180 pounds. He has shoulder length curly hair. If you have any information call the Orlando Police Department.

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    They need to get a composite sketch out there ASAP. Too much of this is happening in Orlando and this could be related to what happened to Jennifer Kesse. But she didn't make it.....maybe she fought back!

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    They released one a few hours ago

    Here is the composite:

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    Thanks. All you Floridians take a good look. This is a recognizable person.....someone knows who this person is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fl_sun
    The suspect is Hispanic, approximately 23-years-old, five-feet, eight inches tall and about 180 pounds. He has shoulder length curly hair. If you have any information call the Orlando Police Department.
    How someone can be so cold and calculating like this it is hideous. I almost wish the roommates could have somehow got in their cars and at least followed him and stayed in their car while police were on the way. The guy could be an illegal allien. I know I saw a hispanic driving a junker with dirty pictures drawn on the back of his car (of lewd acts, like drawn cartoons of xxx related). I was actually freightened seeing it, even though it was on an older car, it shows what type of people they are. They have no regard.

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    Exclamation This composite needs to reported Nationally TONIGHT!!!

    This composite needs to be reported Nationally TONIGHT!!! Most people watch CABLE/SATELLITE TV. I don't even watch my local news any more. Not at all!!

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    This rapist is on the back burner now (already). All they have is footage of the back of a black car because it was driving at dusk. You can even see the police coming into the complex right past the car. Those roomates should have been outside screaming and running that guy down in their bare feet (I can't blame anyone because I don't know what I would do if I had a gun directed at me; I can only imagine the horror after having to witness such a thing; they were probably in shock after it all happened. Thank God one roommate had the presence of mind to dial 911 and drop the phone behind the bed in another room. Police showed up moments after the call so it wasn't a failing of the police either)..

    Every apartment and condo complex should have a safety manual or something distributed as well as % of crime in the area they live in. There are many new STUDENTS who are moving to FLORIDA for the University of Central Florida. The college is growing very quickly and is gaining popularity. The college over enrolled students in 2005 as there was not enough student housing.

    This rapist is didn't wear a mask etc. which tells us that this may be the 1st or 2nd time he has raped.

    I believe he will do it again and become more skilled as time goes on.

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    High ?

    That kind of brazen behavior (failing to wear a mask, making the roommates watch) by the rapist suggests to me that he was high. Sick.


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    I don't think so. Serial rapists and murderers (like pedophiles) can't stop and finally carry out the act uncontrolled. It is freightening. He is young and it may be his first rape. He will do it again.

    THE CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR OF THE SERIAL RAPIST FEBRUARY 1990 THE CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR OF THE SERIAL RAPIST By Robert R. Hazelwood, M.S. Special Agent Behavioral Science Instruction/Research Unit Quantico, VA and Janet Warren, D.S.W. Institute of Psychiatry and Law University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA From 1984 to 1986, FBI Special Agents assigned to the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) interviewed 41 men who were responsible for raping 837 victims. Previous issues of the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin provided an introduction to this research (1) and the characteristics of the rapists and their victims. (2) This article, however, describes the behavior of these serial rapists during and following the commission of their sexual assaults. The information presented is applicable only to the men interviewed; it is not intended to be generalized to all men who rape. PREMEDITATION The majority of the sexual attacks (55-61%) committed by these men were premeditated across their first, middle, and last rapes, while fewer rapists reported their crimes as being impulsive (15-22%) or opportunistic (22-24%). Although no comparable data on serial rape are available, it is probable that the premeditation involved in these crimes is particularly characteristic of these serial rapists. It is also probable that this premeditation is reflective of their preferential interest in this type of crime and largely accounts for their ability to avoid detection.

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    METHODS OF APPROACH There are three different styles of approach rapists
    frequently use: The ``con,'' the ``blitz,'' and the
    ``surprise.'' (3) Each reflects a different means of selecting,
    approaching and subduing a chosen victim.

    The ``Con'' Approach
    Case Number 1

    John, a man who raped more than 20 women, told the
    interviewers that he stopped one of his victims late at night and
    identified himself as a plainclothes police officer. He asked
    for her driver's license and registration, walked back to his car
    and sat there for a few moments. He then returned to the victim,
    advised her that her registration had expired and asked her to
    accompany him to his car. She did so, and upon entering the car,
    he handcuffed her and drove to an isolated location where he
    raped and sodomized the victim.

    As in the above case account, the con approach involves
    subterfuge and is predicated on the rapist's ability to interact
    with women. With this technique, the rapist openly approaches
    the victim and requests or offers some type of assistance or
    direction. However, once the victim is within his control, the
    offender may suddenly become more aggressive.

    The con approach was used in 8 (24%) of the first rapes, 12
    (35%) of the middle rapes, and 14 (41%) of the last rapes.
    Various ploys used by the offenders included impersonating a
    police officer, providing transportation for a hitchhiking
    victim, and picking women up in singles bars. Obviously, this
    style of initiating contact with victims requires an ability to
    interact with women.

    The ``Blitz'' Approach
    Case Number 2

    Phil, a 28-year-old male, approached a woman loading
    groceries in her car, struck her in the face, threw her in the
    vehicle and raped her. On another occasion, he entered a women's
    restroom in a hospital, struck his victim, and raped her in a
    stall. Exiting the restroom with the victim in his grasp, he
    threatened her as though they were involved in a lover's quarrel,
    and thus precluded interference from concerned onlookers who had
    gathered when she screamed.

    In a blitz approach, the rapist uses a direct, injurious
    physical assault which subdues and physically injures the victim.
    The attacker may also use chemicals or gases but most frequently
    makes use of his ability to physically overpower a woman.
    Interestingly, despite its simplicity, this approach was used in
    23% of the first rapes, 20% of the middle rapes, and 17% of the
    last rapes. Even though it is used less often than the con
    approach, the blitz approach results in more extensive physical
    injury and inhibits certain fantasy components of the rape that
    may be arousing to the rapist.

    The ``Surprise'' Approach
    Case Number 3

    Sam, a 24-year-old male, would preselect his victims through
    ``peeping tom'' activities. He would then watch the victim's
    residence to establish her patterns. After deciding to rape the
    woman, he would wait until she had gone to sleep, enter the home,
    and place his hand over her mouth. He would advise the victim
    that he did not intend to harm her if she cooperated with the
    assault. He raped more than 20 women before he was apprehended.

    The surprise approach, which involves the assailant waiting
    for the victim or approaching her after she is sleeping,
    presupposes that the rapist has targeted or preselected his
    victim through unobserved contact and knowledge of when the
    victim would be alone. Threats and/or the presence of a weapon
    are often associated with this type of approach; however, there
    is no actual injurious force applied.

    The surprise approach was used by the serial rapists in 19
    (54%) of the first rapes, 16 (46%) of the middle rapes, and 16
    (44%) of the last rapes (percentages vary due to the number of
    rapes). This represents the most frequently used means of
    approach and is used most often by men who lack confidence in
    their ability to subdue the victim through physical threats or


    How rapists maintain control over a victim is dependent upon
    two factors: Their motivation for the sexual attack and/or the
    passivity of the victim. Within this context, four control
    methods are frequently used in various combinations during a
    rape: 1) Mere physical presence; 2) verbal threats; 3) display of
    a weapon; and 4) the use of physical force. (4)

    The men in this study predominantly used a threatening
    physical presence (82-92%) and/or verbal threats (65-80%) to
    control their victims. Substantially less often they displayed a
    weapon (44-49%) or physically assaulted the victim (27-32%).
    When a weapon was displayed, it was most often a sharp
    instrument, such as a knife (27-42%).

    One rapist explained that he chose a knife because he
    perceived it to be the most intimidating weapon to use against
    women in view of their fear of disfigurement. Firearms were used
    less frequently (14-20%). Surprisingly, all but a few of the
    rapists used binding located at the scene of the rape. One
    exception was an individual who brought pre-cut lengths of rope,
    adhesive tape and handcuffs along with him.

    SEE ENTIRE ARTICLE http://www.holysmoke.org/fem/fem0126.htm

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoppyfrog
    That kind of brazen behavior (failing to wear a mask, making the roommates watch) by the rapist suggests to me that he was high. Sick.

    Remember that rape is about control.. I think that the ability to manipulate and control the roomates just added to his feeling of success. It may have even played into a fantasy he has about a rape... some rapists have a fantasy life until they finally act upon it or until an opportunity presents itself. This is probably one of his first rapes and unfortunately he is likely to continue to escalate his violence before he is finally caught ...frightening as that thought is...

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    This needs to be taken more seriously. I haven't heard anything more from the victim. I know people who live in Marina Landing too!!

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    Another Woman Murdered In Orlando!

    Metro West is near UNIVERSAL ORLANDO!

    What is WRONG with these people! I AM SICK OF THIS!

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